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#1 2015-11-06 14:01:41

#! Junkie
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Conky: own_window_colour v/s own_window_color

You won't believe what just happened, i was at my wits end trying to get my conky window to display a color other than black, somewhere along the line i came across a post dealing with transparency issues which used "colour" instead of "color". Now mark this, "color" works just fine for everything else in my conky.config but for own_window_colour. If i use own_window_color and run conky from the terminal, i get an "unknown settings 'own_window_color'" message with conky running in the default black window. Seriously?  roll

Edit: In case a clarification was needed;
1) own_window_colour works,
2) If i put "colour" instead of "color" for any other parameter, for eg. say, default_color i get <conky: Unknown setting 'default_colour'>

This smells of an unwholesome prank by some frustrated conky developer.

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