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#8751 2015-09-06 15:25:23

#! Die Hard
Registered: 2012-03-29
Posts: 987

Re: Conky v1.9 Thread

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#8752 2015-09-06 16:00:39

#! Member
Registered: 2015-05-20
Posts: 53

Re: Conky v1.9 Thread


#8753 2015-09-18 13:18:52

#!'er to BL'er
From: SR11 Cockpit
Registered: 2010-05-05
Posts: 15,667

Re: Conky v1.9 Thread

Set by "locale" = %X:
${alignc}${color0}${time %X}${color}
force 24 HR = %T:
${alignc}${color0}${time %T}${color}
force 12 HR AM/PM = %r:
${alignc}${color0}${time %r}${color}

${alignc}CALENDAR (Options)
${alignc}Good for both Sun and Mon
${alignc}${color0}${time %X}
${goto 37}${color1}${execpi 7200 LAR=`date +%-d`; ncal -bh | sed 's/\<'$LAR'\>/${color0}&${color1}/' | sed ':a;N;$!ba;s/\n/\n${goto 37}/g'}${color}
${alignc}Week starts: Sunday
${alignc}${color0}${time %X}
${alignc}${color}SU MO ${color0}${time %b %Y}${color} FR SA

${alignc}Week starts: Monday
${alignc}${color0}${time %X}
${alignc}${color}MO TU ${color0}${time %b %Y}${color} SA SU

${alignc}Week starts: Monday (long)
${alignc}${color0}${time %X}
${alignc}${time %B %Y}${color}
${goto 37}${if_match ${time %w}==0}${color0}MO${color} TU WE TH FR SA SU${else}\
${if_match ${time %w}==1}MO ${color0}TU${color} WE TH FR SA SU${else}\
${if_match ${time %w}==2}MO TU ${color0}WE${color} TH FR SA SU${else}\
${if_match ${time %w}==3}MO TU WE ${color0}TH${color} FR SA SU${else}\
${if_match ${time %w}==4}MO TU WE TH ${color0}FR${color0} SA SU${else}\
${if_match ${time %w}==5}MO TU WE TH FR ${color0}SA${color} SU${else}\
MO TU WE TH FR SA ${color0}SU${color}\

${alignc}Week starts: Sunday (short)
${alignc}${color0}${time %X}
${alignc}${time %b %Y}${color}
${goto 37}${if_match ${time %w}==0}${color0}SU${color} MO TU WE TH FR SA${else}\
${if_match ${time %w}==1}SU ${color0}MO${color} TU WE TH FR SA${else}\
${if_match ${time %w}==2}SU MO ${color0}TU${color} WE TH FR SA${else}\
${if_match ${time %w}==3}SU MO TU ${color0}WE${color} TH FR SA${else}\
${if_match ${time %w}==4}SU MO TU WE ${color0}TH${color0} FR SA${else}\
${if_match ${time %w}==5}SU MO TU WE TH ${color0}FR${color} SA${else}\
SU MO TU WE TH FR ${color0}SA${color}\

${alignc}With This Calendar Line
${goto 37}${color1}${execpi 1800 LAR=`date +%-d`; ncal -bh | sed '2d' | sed -e '1d' -e 's/\<'$LAR'\>/${color0}&${color1}/' | sed ':a;N;$!ba;s/\n/\n${goto 37}/g'}${color}

${alignc}With This Calendar Line:
${alignc}(NOTE: my locale is Sun)
${alignc}${color0}${time %X}
${alignc}${color}SU MO ${color0}${time %b %Y}${color} FR SA${color}
${goto 37}${color1}${execpi 1800 LAR=`date +%-d`; ncal -bh | sed '2d' | sed -e '1d' -e 's/\<'$LAR'\>/${color0}&${color1}/' | sed ':a;N;$!ba;s/\n/\n${goto 37}/g'}${color}

${color}${alignc}S Y S T E M    I N F O
continue here


#8754 2015-09-24 09:43:59

#! Junkie
From: Earth
Registered: 2012-12-05
Posts: 286

Re: Conky v1.9 Thread

# ----- Position ----------------------- #

alignment top_middle

gap_x 0
gap_y 0

use_spacer left

minimum_size 1366 17
maximum_width 1366

# ----- Text --------------------------- #

use_xft yes
font PF Tempesta Five Condensed-6
xftalpha 1

uppercase no
short_units no

# ----- Optimization ------------------- #

double_buffer yes
update_interval 1
update_interval_on_battery 2
text_buffer_size 1024

# ----- Misc --------------------------- #

own_window yes
own_window_type override
own_window_class conky
own_window_hints undecorated,below,sticky,skip_taskbar,skip_pager

default_bar_size 50 4
default_graph_size 30 7

draw_graph_borders no

draw_borders no
border_width 1

draw_outline no
draw_shades no

# ----- Colors ------------------------- #

default_color 121212
default_outline_color 202020
default_shade_color 101010

own_window_colour 151515
own_window_transparent yes

# ----- Palette ------------------------ #

color0 EEE		# Cinza
color1 505050		# Carbono
color2 FFDB4D		# Amarelo
color3 FF3333		# Vermelho
color4 6699FF		# Azul
color5 F073BF		# Rosa
color6 A6E22E		# Verde
color7 7F1E31		# Vinho
color8 BFBFBF		# Cinza 2
color9 1F1F20		# Carbono 2

# ----- Templates ---------------------- #

template0 ${voffset 1}${font BM Stamp-6.7}Z${voffset -1}${goto 22}${font Starbound JP Misaki-6}${tail /tmp/fortune 1}

template1 ${execi 10 ibam | grep "Battery time left:" | awk '{print $4}' | head -c4}
template2 ${execi 10 ibam | grep "Charge time left:" | awk '{print $4}' | head -c4}

${image $HOME/.conky/1373.png -p -1,0}\
${goto 8}${voffset 2}${color0}${if_running deadbeef-gtkui}${execpi 2 ~/.conky/}${else}${if_match ${time %H} >= 19}${template0}${else}${if_match ${time %H%M} <= 459}${template0}${else}${voffset 1}${font BM Stamp-6.7}Y${font Starbound JP Misaki-6}${voffset -1} ${tail /tmp/fortune 1}${endif}${endif}${endif}\
${goto 325}${voffset -4}${font Visitor TT2 BRK-14.7}${execi 10 cat /sys/class/power_supply/BAT0/energy_now | rev | cut -c 6-8 | rev}\
${goto 360}${voffset -1}${font Starbound JP Misaki-6}${if_existing /sys/class/power_supply/AC/online 0}${if_match ${battery_percent BAT0} <= 19}${color3}${blink ${execi 10 ibam | grep "Battery time left:" | awk '{print $4}' | head -c4}}${color0}${endif}${endif}${if_existing /sys/class/power_supply/AC/online 0}${if_match ${battery_percent BAT0} >= 20}${if_match ${battery_percent BAT0} <= 100}${template1}${endif}${endif}${endif}${if_existing /sys/class/power_supply/AC/online 1}${if_match ${battery_percent BAT0} <= 99}${color2}${template2}${endif}${endif}${if_existing /sys/class/power_supply/AC/online 1}${if_match ${battery_percent BAT0} == 100}${color6}${blink MAX}${color0}${endif}${endif}\
${goto 521}${voffset -3}${color1}${font}CPU:${color0} ${if_match ${cpu cpu} >= 50}${color2}${endif}${if_match ${cpu cpu} >= 80}${color3}${endif}${cpu cpu}%\
${goto 566}${color1}${font}RAM:${color0}${if_match ${memperc} >= 50}${color2}${endif}${if_match ${memperc} >= 80}${color3}${endif}${mem}\
${goto 660}${voffset -1}${font Pixel Invaders-12}${color8}${if_match ${desktop} == 1}${color5}${endif}A ${color8}${if_match ${desktop} == 2}${color5}${endif}B ${color8}${if_match ${desktop} == 3}${color5}${endif}a ${color8}${if_match ${desktop} == 4}${color5}${endif}F\
${goto 761}${voffset -1}${font}${color1}CPU:${color0} 31°C\
${goto 810}${color1}HDD:${color0} 32°C\
${if_existing /sys/class/net/eth0/operstate up}\
${goto 970}${color1}IP:${color0} ${texeci 6000 wget -q -O -}\
${goto 1042}${color1}DL:${color0} ${downspeed eth0}\
${goto 1097}${color1}UP:${color0} ${upspeed eth0}${endif}\
${if_existing /sys/class/net/wlan0/operstate up}\
${goto 975}${color1}LV:${color0} ${wireless_link_qual_perc wlan0}%\
${goto 1037}${color1}DL:${color0} ${downspeed wlan0}\
${goto 1094}${color1}UP:${color0} ${upspeed wlan0}${endif}\
${goto 1300}${voffset 1}${font BM Stamp-6.7}${if_match ${exec ~/.conky/} == 1}${color1}x${else}T${endif}${font}${voffset -1} ${execbar amixer get Master | grep "Front Left:" | awk '{print $5}' | tr -d '[]%'}

${if_existing /sys/class/power_supply/AC/online 0}${if_match ${battery_percent BAT0} <= 19}${execi 180 notify-send -u critical "Bateria" "Nível abaixo de 20%!" && play -q ~/.conky/MGS_ALERT.wav}${endif}${endif}${if_existing /sys/class/power_supply/AC/online 1}${if_match ${battery_percent BAT0} == 100}${execi 3600 notify-send -u normal "Bateria" "Bateria completamente carregada." && play -q ~/.conky/SONIC_RING.wav}${endif}${endif}


#8755 2015-09-26 17:30:11

Registered: 2014-09-26
Posts: 18

Re: Conky v1.9 Thread

I definitely need to learn Lua. cry


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