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#1 2015-09-25 21:36:49

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No sound from .mp4 videos with vlc

I just downloaded Bunsenlab and really am enjoying it. I have a problem with vlc and mpv with no sound with .mp4 files that I downloaded from youtube using the flashgot extension.  The video plays but no sound comes out. If I download the files in the .flv format, I have no problems with video/sound in either vlc or mpv.

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#2 2015-09-25 21:54:44

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Re: No sound from .mp4 videos with vlc

On a fresh BL install, I have no problem with mp4, but I haven't tried ones from youtube. Maybe try enabling the non-free repos?

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#3 2015-09-25 23:59:48

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Re: No sound from .mp4 videos with vlc

What does the VLC log say? Almost 100% a codec problem. If possible, also deliver the output of

$ ffprobe $the_file

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#4 2015-09-26 02:58:04

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Re: No sound from .mp4 videos with vlc

Thanks for all of your help.  I'm a newbie and don't know where to find vlc's log. Vlc lists only the video codec and not the audio codecs in the media/codec information tool. When I typed ffprobe $Mass_Appeal.mp4 in terminal, it returned with ffprobe command not found. I'm using Busen in live mode on a desktop and laptop. The files play perfectly fine on my desktop, but not my laptop.

Laptop Specs:
Intel Celeron Processor 2.2GHz
250GB 5400RPM Hard Drive

**** I'm just a fool. I rebooted my laptop and the files played just fine in live mode like my desktop.  But I still appreciate everybody's help.

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