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#1 2015-09-19 18:06:23

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Help replacing LM with #! [SOLVED]

Hi again, I need to replace an old Linux Mint 13 with Crunchbang Waldorf (so I can track Jessie later). I'll provide some background: what I want to achieve is not only for the sake of learning, but also because LM is running on a low-end 2gb netbook of Argentina's "Conectar Igualdad" programme. In short, the LM installation is bloated and full of residual files, and live #! session runs flawlessly.

PROBLEM IS... I'm not that keen on disk partitioning, since I mostly do guided installations rather than manual (I know I'm lazy, but I'm planning to learn some day); that's why I need your help.
This netbook is dual booting Win7 and LM, and also shares /media/DATOS, through which I access my personal files in both OSs.

The partition table is exactly like this:


I must leave the /dev/sda5, or "RECU" (short for "RECUPERACIÓN", = recovery in English) partition as it is; not because I want to, but because I have to (it's part of the Conectar Igualdad's deal).

The same goes for /dev/sda7, or "DATOS".

I THINK, after some reasoning, that I need to install Crunchbang in /dev/sda1, using ext4 filesystem, and selecting / as mountpoint. The size of the partition would still be 40gb. Then, if I only want to install #! and leave everything else as it is, I should not pick a /home partition or swap.

MY QUESTIONS ARE: 1) Will this work, or am I missing something? 2) Will I be able to access my files after the installation? 3) Will Windows 7 mess with the process anyhow?

As always, thank you all for your time.

EDIT: There are many, many posts out there in sites such as and the like, but I can't completely rely on my understanding of that information hmm .

EDIT2: The whole process was as deleting sda1 and installing everything in there.

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