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#1 2015-06-25 14:45:24

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Installing PHP 5.5 (Debian 8 "uses" 5.6)

Installed Debian 8, ran the Bunsen netinstaller and now want to install php 5.5 instead of php 5.6. I have already removed 5.6 and tried a myriad of guides to get this working, but along the run either I simply get 5.6 back or end up with build errors, unfound packages or conflicting dependencies.

Is there a foolproof guide to get PHP 5.5 working?


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#2 2015-06-25 15:10:21

#! gimpbanger
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Re: Installing PHP 5.5 (Debian 8 "uses" 5.6)


#3 2015-06-25 18:46:48

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Re: Installing PHP 5.5 (Debian 8 "uses" 5.6)

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