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#1 2015-05-13 18:21:45

#! Die Hard
From: stuck in an unknown reality
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{SOLVED} Does anyone remember wmDocker - how to's???

is there an applet for the wmdocker (aka docker) for a volume icon ??????

before I just start installng every volume icon applet known to man.. big_smile thanks

Edit: addded show in openbox to the bottom line, also treid commeneting out that line to see if that works, NOPE


[Desktop Entry]
Name=XFCE Volume Daemon
Name[fr_FR]=Démon de volume XFCE
Comment=Daemon managing the volume multimedia keys and displaying volume notifications
Comment[fr_FR]=Démon gérant les touches multimédia liées au volume et affichant des notifications de volume
OnlyShowIn=XFCE, Openbox, openbox;

cp over to /usr/share/applaications/xfce4-volumed.destop  -- still not working --

kept tinkering

found a latest install of pnmixer after I ended up trying a few others and that works -- big_smile just got to uninstall all the other ones now big_smile:D

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