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#1 2015-04-28 00:27:10

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Coming now

Good evening friends .My name is Renato have 49 years and I am venturing on Linux recently. Thank you for the welcome . I am Brazilian and only now met CrunchBang 11 , and I'm really enjoying it . In short I wonder if the upgrade process is the same as Debian Squeezy ?
Can I install KDE , Lxde or other graphic mode?
Installing Chrome?
Hope I'm not taking your time , but I liked this distro and I know that at your end , but I hope that with the good work of you , it continues for a long time .
Hug and thank you.



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#2 2015-04-28 06:37:44

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Re: Coming now

Hello Renato, welcome to the forums!

renatonog wrote:

Can I install KDE , Lxde or other graphic mode?
Installing Chrome?

If you want the full KDE or LXDE desktops then you're probably better off just installing Debian Jessie with those desktops. … -firmware/

You can install them if you want using:

sudo apt-get install aptitude tasksel
sudo aptitude install ~t^desktop$ ~t^kde-desktop$
sudo aptitude install lxde

Remove SliM first (select "openbox-session" in the new display manager to use the #! desktop):

sudo aptitude purge slim

For Chrome (buggy as hell -- use at your own risk):

sudo tee -a /etc/apt/sources.list <<< "deb stable main"
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install chrome

EDIT: It might be called "google-chrome" -- use `aptitude search chrome` to check the name of the package.

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#3 2015-04-29 01:44:13

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Re: Coming now

Welcome to the distro and forums renatonog.  Yes, you could install KDE or LXDE or Gnome or ... but then why are you using CrunchBang?  There are other distros that already come with those desktop environments installed, possibly meaning less work on your part.

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#4 2015-04-29 21:25:22

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Re: Coming now

Thank you, I know there are distros that comes with the installed desktops, but thought I would have a different way or something . As I am not an expert , I have to ask , I see.
I am familiarizing myself with CrunchBang and enjoying it.
The fact that some applications that call by the terminal or with the shortcuts, makes me train commands, and this is very good for the beginners , agree ?
In the most is that, I'll installing my programs as usual and thanks a lot for your help.
A hug and even more .



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