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#26 2015-02-06 15:51:50

Registered: 2012-05-11
Posts: 1,648

Re: The end.

As far as I am concerned, this is not an entirely unexpected announcement.

I want to thank @corenominal and all other contributors for all the work they have done on #!. It's generous of Philip for leaving us, at least for now, the forums, the legacy information of which is being sought after by and helping not just a few, but quite a lot of Linux users (judging from the view counts of some threads) --- please just don't let the domain accidentally expire big_smile What is left to see is whether the forums fade away quietly...

So long.

Let's wait patiently for the hug we are getting from Reddit and HackerNews to loosen a bit.

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#27 2015-02-06 16:03:07

From: A world of pure imagination
Registered: 2014-01-21
Posts: 4,797

Re: The end.

So long and thanks for all the fish!



#28 2015-02-06 16:23:52

From: McCall, ID
Registered: 2013-01-02
Posts: 19

Re: The end.

Wow, what a tragedy indeed. I have been a Linux user for many years, and without a shadow of a doubt, Crunchbang has been my favorite. It's just plain fun. Simple, highly customizable, fast, very lightweight, etc. Openbox with Debian stable, what more could one want or need? Well, it is what it is. My quest for the perfect distro, begins..........again.

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#29 2015-02-06 16:26:23

#! Junkie
From: me to you
Registered: 2009-02-10
Posts: 438

Re: The end.

been *long* siince I've been here (and migrated to another (linux) OS since then), but still wanna thank corenominal for his efforts.
Also, of course, thanks to (long time) members who've helped me with crunchbang/linux related issues.

So long, and if/when you see some pitje in some online thing, it'll prolly be me. Don't hesitate to remind me of crunchbang tongue

Thanks Philip, and I wish you the best in all your further efforts

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#30 2015-02-06 16:27:48

#! Junkie
From: Wherever You Go, There You Are
Registered: 2014-10-23
Posts: 256

Re: The end.

Well... I suppose we all saw this coming and upon thinking about it, perhaps this decision's a bit overdue. Seems to me, the anxiety over whether the distribution would continue or not has contributed in no small part to the general animosity within the community of late.

I too would like to express my appreciation to this distribution and it's developer but having said that, think too little credit is given where the true credit is due... This community's moderators. So, to all of you who have donated so much of your free time over the years... THANK YOU.

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#31 2015-02-06 16:39:38

#! CrunchBanger
Registered: 2009-10-25
Posts: 228

Re: The end.

First of all, thank you corenominal for this incredible community and distribution.
Over the past years I have strayed from #! to explore different distros, but have always had #! live cd ready to boot if I needed it.

The community we have here is absolutely incredible and you can't ask for anything better. I'm sad by your decision but I really want to make it known to you that you have made the Linux experience, for lots of us, a lot smoother and more comfortable.

To the community - I thank you for years and years of advice, both for Linux and not. This community will always hold a soft spot in my heart and I'm glad that it will be kept alive. So many other distribution forums are tainted by sheer size and the #! forums have been consistently there to help everyone since the beginning.

Thank you corenominal, I hope you have a great next chapter in your life

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#32 2015-02-06 16:39:46

From: Hull, East Yorkshire, UK
Registered: 2012-11-08
Posts: 20

Re: The end.

As Douglas Adams put it "So Long, and Thanks for All the Fish"


#33 2015-02-06 16:41:32

New Member
From: Technopolis
Registered: 2012-06-27
Posts: 5

Re: The end.

Ah, bittersweet.  I came to Crunchbang after switching my household computers to Linux.  Ubuntu was getting too bloated but I didn't have the time to make raw Debian look the way I wanted; I wanted to spend more time on the commandline but didn't feel like going all Gentoo-like.  Crunchbang really hit the sweet spot for me.  Thoughtful defaults and a great-looking UI that just got out of my way so I could focus on what I was doing.

Corenominal, no, Phillip: Sir, you are a gentleman and I thank you for all the time you put into this project.
bobobex: Thank you, thank you for granting Corenominal the time to work on this project for all of us, and for your presence in the forums.
Moderators: You've been doing an awesome job of keeping the forums civil, friendly, and technical.  Hat's off to you!

Crunchbang FTW!


#34 2015-02-06 17:10:05

#! CrunchBanger
From: Amsterdam, NL
Registered: 2011-01-11
Posts: 162

Re: The end.

Thanks Philip! Crunchbang is great and you should be proud. It gave me a bigger understanding of linux and although this is a sad day I am ready for my next venture. I wish you all the best.


#35 2015-02-06 17:13:43

#! Red Menace
Registered: 2012-06-15
Posts: 1,643

Re: The end.

Every day I will
love you more than you could know.
We are here as one.

lxde and lubuntu?  yikes

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#36 2015-02-06 17:17:10

Edd Juglans
From: UK
Registered: 2013-07-23
Posts: 16

Re: The end.

Forgive me if this question is a little crass given the heart wrenching news we've all just received, but my default reaction is to try to continue using the best elements of Crunchbang, even if under the cloak of another distro base, so - can anyone please tell me if there's an updated version of the following wiki post? And if not, can someone more knowledgeable than me possibly update it? … her_distro

Corenominal, I don't want to seem too gushing or sycophantic but, I can't begin to express my profound gratitude for all the work you've put in to one of the best distros that Linux has ever seen. When all others have let me down in one way or another, Crunchbang never did. To say that you will be missed somehow doesn't do justice to your tireless and inspirational contribution to our love of Crunchbang and all things Linux. I wish you every success wherever your life takes you. Please accept our heart felt thanks, and our pleas for you to reconsider. I know that your's are some very big shoes to fill, but I hope someone else steps in where you leave off and continues this great distro.

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#37 2015-02-06 17:21:48

#! Member
From: Rio das Ostras,Brazil
Registered: 2009-09-07
Posts: 60

Re: The end.

Not surprised at the news-just to say thanks Philip for this wonderful distro.It has been solid as a rock on my system for the past 4 years.

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#38 2015-02-06 17:24:00

#! Die Hard
From: Heavener, OK
Registered: 2014-12-09
Posts: 777

Re: The end.

Great minds must think alike because i had essentially built something similar to #! in Ubuntu. However, my desktop is getting along in age and it needed something lighter and sleeker. When I found Crunchbang I just fell in love. All the elements I loved, IE Openbox, conky, tint2 etc, along with a great selection of apps many of which has already hit daily useage with me. Then I found the awesomeness of the community and the tremendous amount of information encoded in these forums and Crunchbang as well as Linux in general has really started to become a passion for me over the past couple of years.

I would like to thank you Phillip for an amazing little distro that did big things. And thanks to the rest of you all for the amazing amount of Linux related info you pour into these forums. If the decision ever gets made to pull these forums down, I hope we can get fair warning so that we can get all the incredible stuff stored in them moved to someplace else in the Interwebz. These forums have provided a tremendous service to the Linux community in general as seen by the number of folks who come here from someplace else.

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#39 2015-02-06 17:40:47

New Member
Registered: 2011-02-07
Posts: 7

Re: The end.

Initial emotional reaction: Noooooooo! 8.(

Considered rational reaction: Sad news indeed, but your reasons make sense. I'm going to miss this distro I've loved since 2009. I tried many others, but always came back to Crunchbang as the reliable-yet-elegant standby. It led me on the journey from Ubuntu-based to Debian-based distros by making Debian more approachable; thanks for that. When I needed help, this forum was lovely to me. Even now, on a laptop on which I have to use OS X for work, I still have a #! VirtualBox machine ready for occasions where only Linux will do.

Thanks so much for everything, Philip, and all the best for the future.

Bring on the repos, scripts or wiki entries for Crunchbang-ifying Debian! Please? I tried it on Mint LXDE in 2010 and the result wasn't nearly so pretty.


#40 2015-02-06 17:46:00

Registered: 2012-03-15
Posts: 42

Re: The end.

This is very sad news. Although I haven't used #! for a while it's still my favourite distro.

Many, many thanks for all the hard work that must have gone into making #! as beautiful as it is and all the best with your other projects.


#41 2015-02-06 17:55:22

#! CrunchBanger
From: Mexicali, Mexico
Registered: 2009-07-09
Posts: 182

Re: The end.

Shocking news... I will miss CrunchBang, it always felt like a breeze of fresh air. So clean, so nimble, relaxing minimalism.

I distrohopped a lot, but Crunchbang was one of my selected ones, and the first distro I installed and kept for a complete cycle, maybe more. It was awesome during the Ubuntu days and it became more awesome when moved to Debian. It helped me to make the transition from full featured, GUI-driving distros to text files and CLI tweaking and most importantly, to start learning about tweaking my system to my likings in a smooth way.

I think this was one of the most beautiful points of #! its minimalism was so finely crafted, that was easy to get on the gripe with the CLI tools and the text files.

So long, and thank you. I've enjoyed the ride. I will always be grateful for everything I learned, and for the new life on my old devices which otherwise would have been put into the rubbish bin.

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#42 2015-02-06 17:58:08

New Member
Registered: 2012-10-22
Posts: 4

Re: The end.

Lurker here.

Discovered Linux in college and spent weeks searching for the perfect distro until I stumbled upon CrunchBang. Cut my teeth with #! and been using it as my main distro for both development and personal use ever since. It has been a pleasure.

corenominal - thanks for the great experience!


#43 2015-02-06 17:59:50

#! Member
Registered: 2013-01-01
Posts: 51

Re: The end.

Nice one Corepapa.
Thankyou and good luck to you and Becks.


#44 2015-02-06 18:06:52

#! CrunchBanger
From: Your screen.
Registered: 2014-09-05
Posts: 202

Re: The end.

One of my favorite distributions bites the dust. Using it was a pleasure.

~ When jessie hits stable you could upgrade crunchbang and keep it alive a bit longer.


#45 2015-02-06 18:22:35

Registered: 2012-03-23
Posts: 30

Re: The end.

after reading THE END, oh I saw myself running in circles in living room, hands squeezing hair and asking myself what to do next ....
somehow, it seems, also my asus eeepc 702 8GB (my ferrari with #! big_smile ) is connected to this situation because it has got dead pixels few months ago and they grow bigger ...
anyway will use #! till THE END

thanks a lot for effort and good luck in your next projects.

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#46 2015-02-06 18:23:30

#! Die Hard
From: Montréal, France
Registered: 2009-01-15
Posts: 689

Re: The end.

Dear Corenominal,

i was with you in your first crunchtests (crunchbang-7.10) , talking, laughing on your blog. i've started dev because of you, because of your configs and KISS spirit. i can't say how much i want to thank you for all that you give. certainly because i'm french and i don't have enough vocabulary wink

anyway ... after my first reaction ( but WTF#@@!!!** NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO !!! ) i have to admit that i just can't let CrunchBang die ! and i don't agree with you when you say that crunchbang is useless til the LXDE taskel coming.

so if anyone wish to develop crunchbang on jessie, or want to use crunchbang on jessie, i'm proposing my little skill to test & build a CrunchBang distro based on Jessie.

i'm not here so often because i'm developping handylinux, a debian derivative for very beginners, but i think that crunchbang is the best Official Debian Derivative around and i really dont' want to let it go.

be sure that even if nobody here want to continue the crunchbang adventure, i will make a distro with Debian/OpenBox as light as i can for my personal needs so.... big_smile

for private message, you can contact me to arpinux [at] member [dot] fsf [dot] org.



#47 2015-02-06 18:31:31

New Member
From: Belgium
Registered: 2013-10-08
Posts: 6

Re: The end.

Crunchbang made me switch completely to Linux. Now using it on my 3 desktops, netbook and laptop.

Big thank you to Philip and to all the wonderfull moderators!


#48 2015-02-06 18:36:31

#! CrunchBanger
Registered: 2009-02-05
Posts: 211

Re: The end.

Thank you @corenominal, team, and the community.

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#49 2015-02-06 18:37:27

New Member
From: Argentina
Registered: 2015-02-06
Posts: 1

Re: The end.

I made this account just to say thanks to you corenominal.
#! It is incredible!

Good luck for whatever comes smile

Post nubila, Phoebus


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#50 2015-02-06 18:50:32

#! Member
Registered: 2013-07-19
Posts: 55

Re: The end.

@corenominal, thank you for your work on Crunchbang. It's been an awesome experience! Crunchbang truly is a great distro. I just cannot make me believe that I have to bid bye to #!. However, it would be much appreciated if anyone fork Crunchbang and make another distro keeping the essence of #!.

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