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#1 2014-12-25 17:49:51

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Wifi not working on Lenovo S210t

Hi all.

I just installed Crunchbang 11 on my Lenovo S210t.

I am unable to connect to my home router.

Unlike Ubuntu, I can't see a list of wireless networks in a drop down menu.

Please help!!


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#2 2014-12-25 19:21:23

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Re: Wifi not working on Lenovo S210t

1. You posted in the wrong section.



#3 2014-12-25 21:57:12

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Re: Wifi not working on Lenovo S210t

@ruchir:  What kind of WiFi card do you have?  If it's a Broadcom, you may need to see if Backports has an updated driver.  I've also read that Debian Testing (would require you to track Testing or install a distro based on Debian Testing) has a driver that works or you may have to resort to playing around with ndiswrapper and the Windows driver to get it to work.  I have a similar issue since recently purchasing an ASUS AIO computer.  It has a Broadcom BCM4352 WiFi chip/card.

How to find out what chip you have?  Check specs in product literature or Lenovo site, or install and use hardinfo (PCI Devices section), which is in the repos.  There may be a command line method to get this info, but I do not know what it is; perhaps lspci with the appropriate switches.

20141226-01 edit:  from the command line, enter lspci | grep -i vga.  Note that this may not give you the exact model # of your WiFi card/chip.  On the other hand, neither does hardinfo.  The best tools for obtaining system information in my experience still seem to be for Windows only; Piriform's Speccy, CPUID's PC Wizard, and System Information for Windows (SIW).

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