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#1 2014-11-30 18:48:45

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Hi there.

Hi there. I'm 25, Irish and I'm completely new to linux, I've been really interested for a long time but never really found the push to get me to switch over. Used linux a fair amount (usually Ubuntu or Mint) on my family's computers over the years. I think I'm the last one to switch over, actually. I got the kick I needed from my macbook (early 2008) starting to completely kaput in terms of slowness and support. I figured that everything I needed to do I could do with alternatives available on linux and so I'm trying to make the jump today.

I haven't actually yet installed crunchbang, I just came to the forums to look for some advice in how to go about doing so. I'm doing a bit of an overall upgrade by putting in a new 500gb hard drive and then looking to install crunchbang clean onto it. Right now I'm working out exactly how to install off of a memory key. Going to look around and figure it all out hopefully over the course of today.

Apart from things just about Crunchbang, I really like writing, singing and studying. During this year I'm traveling around a fair chunk of North America and Asia while self-studying maths at the same time. Was never much one for sums in schools but I discovered how enjoyable maths and logic could be about two years ago and I've been studying it myself since. Just started working on Spivak's Calculus textbook which is fantastic and will be my main reading on beaches in Asia over the next few months. I also love folk music, philosophy, etymologies and poetry. I love to talk and interview people and am looking to learn a lot more about audio production in the next year or two to start self-producing radio shows. I'm really excited to start learning more about linux, software and programming in general and I think Crunchbang is going to be a sweet spot on the way to doing that.

I've talked way too much. I'm really excited to be here. Thanks loads. Have swell days.


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#2 2014-11-30 19:04:27

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#3 2014-11-30 19:51:33

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Re: Hi there.


Hope you enjoy #! and welcome to it's community.   wink

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#4 2014-11-30 23:46:26

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Re: Hi there.

Hello, indoorvoice, and welcome to the CrunchBang forums. Hope you eventually find CrunchBang to be the distro of your dreams, but if not, it's cool -- you're still welcome to hang out. Happy CrunchBanging!

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#5 2014-12-01 00:27:40

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Re: Hi there.

Thanks everybody!

@ Head_on_a_Stick
Thanks so much for that link. It has tons of nice ancillary information that I'm coming through. Currently a fair amount of things going half over my head but, as with most things, I imagine time will take care of most of the confusion.

Thanks a bunch. I'm really optimistic about CrunchBang (especially about the accurately-described friendly forums). At the minute I'm trying to get a lot of information together as I'm looking to install directly onto a cd and install it directly to my new HD without dual-booting it. Some information I'm finding makes this seem really simple, others not so much. Probably have a detailed post in a day or so explaining all the things I don't understand. Not understanding's been pretty interesting so far though. Happy CrunchBanging to you too!


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