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#1 2014-11-30 17:57:31

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Hello guys, I'm noao and I've been using Linux for about 4 years.

I've known about #! for awhile now but I decided to try it out after a long time of being a distro hopper.  I think I can finally say I've found the distribution that is perfect for me.  I love Debian and Openbox so #! really feels good to use!  I've decided that I want to become part of this wonderful community too.

Hope you all have a great day!  smile


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#2 2014-11-30 17:59:50

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#3 2014-11-30 21:07:15

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Re: Hello!

Good to hear that you have found your #!, welcome and have fun!

Time to move on!#


#4 2014-11-30 23:42:30

The #! Guy
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Re: Hello!

Welcome to #!, noao and hope you enjoy the distro. Happy CrunchBanging!

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