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#1 2014-04-26 01:32:46

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Getting an experimental .deb

So I want to use a feature of Recoll that's only available in the experimental package.

The page lists some ways:

  • Download a .deb or receive it from me   

  • Or use the recollexp-ppa

  • Or build from the code in the trunk

I have no idea how to go from here..I use the Synaptic Package Manager to install programs, I googled 'deb recollexp', I searched apt-cache for 'recollexp'..but nothing

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#2 2014-04-26 06:10:45

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Re: Getting an experimental .deb

[ after writing this i noticed that recoll has its own web page, maybe the download section would be the easiest way to find a solution. duh. ]

where not stated otherwise, i'm refering to the page you linked in your post.

  • Download a .deb or receive it from me   
    the download section is empty. since the developer invites you to do so, why not get it from them?
    you'd most probably have to contact "medoc" and since i could not find any contact details, you probably have to open an account on bitbucket first.

  • Or use the recollexp-ppa
    using (ubuntu) ppas on (debian) crunchbang is strongly discouraged but sometimes possible.
    for that you'd have to add a source to your sources.list. search #! forums for how to do that.

  • Or build from the code in the trunk
    for that you press "clone", which gives you this code:

    hg clone

    which you then paste into your terminal.
    for that to work you'll probably have to install subversion (svn) iirc.
    that gives you the (newest) source code which you then have to compile. which is tricky if you've never done it before but often the best solution. more help coming up if you decide to go that way!

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#3 2014-04-26 06:31:23

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Re: Getting an experimental .deb

The official development builds of recoll are all built against Ubuntu – meaning that there is the possibility that they are being built against package versions that might not exist in Debian. Thus, you shouldn't use PPA builds of packages unless you are an experienced Debian user.

In Debian however, we have recoll builds up to version 1.19.7. This package is in the experimental branch, though – you could add the experimental repository to your system, but again, this is only something you should do if you know how to maintain an unstable Debian system. Further, it is recommended that IF you use packages from more unstable Debian branches like testing, sid or experimental, you should only add the branch that is next to your current release (stable+testing, testing+sid, sid+experimental), otherwise package management becomes complicated and your system may go bonkers.

Therefore, as you are likely to be running on wheezy/stable, the most viable route to go is to build recoll yourself from its sources. That way, you can build against library versions that are already in stable and thereby avoid complications. The possbility that newer versions of recoll depend on libraries that are not available in wheezy still remains, however. Here is a rough outline of what to do:

1. Install the Mercurial source control system which the recoll developers use:

sudo apt-get install mercurial

2. Change into a suitable directory where you can do some compiling and messing around without cluttering your directory tree, eg. ~/development, and fetch the source code:

hg clone
cd recoll

3. Install the build dependencies as available in wheezy....

sudo apt-get install build-dep recoll

4. Follow the rest of the instructions under point 5.3: Building from source from the recoll README

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#4 2014-04-26 06:36:45

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Re: Getting an experimental .deb

twoion wrote:


Sound advice. I was going to suggest building from source, but you beat me to it and provided steps to make it happen.   big_smile


#5 2014-04-26 07:50:29

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Re: Getting an experimental .deb

Hi, Recoll developper here. Sound advice here, but... The PDF pages feature has been in the regular Recoll since 1.18, no need for the experimental PPA. However, Debian up to unstable only has Recoll 1.17, so you need to build a binary yourself, as stated previously.

My preferred approach for this would probably be to download the source packages from Debian experimental, and then build them. This, way, you get the build wrinkles fixed for you, and you don't risk anything with your system as you don't need to modify your apt sources. So:

mkdir rclbuild
cd rclbuild
# Download the dsc, orig and debian files in there from:,
# then:
dpkg-source -x recoll_1.19.7-1.dsc
cd recoll-1.19.7
dpkg-buildpackage -rfakeroot -uc -b

I just checked that this gets you the Recoll packages on Wheezy all right. You'll probably need to install a few packages like build-essential, and the build will fail the first time because of missing dependancies, which you just need to install (the Wheezy versions are allright).

But again... there were a few ennoying bugs (nothing vital though) fixed in recoll 1.19.9, so you may want to build newer code than 1.19.7. You can follow the advice from twoion, using mercurial to download the source code. I would just add a mercurial command to rewind the source code to a production version instead of whatever funky stuff is currently in trunk smile :

After the hg clone:

cd recoll
hg update -rRECOLL_1_19_12p2

A simpler approach is to just download the tar file from

If this sounds all complicated, it is really easy for me to build a .deb (intel 32 or 64 bits or Raspberry Pi only), just contact me:

My apologies for the obsolete wiki page, and the difficulties in getting my contact info, or the lack of home page pointers, the problems were instructive, and I will fix the relevant pages.



#6 2014-05-01 07:57:51

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Re: Getting an experimental .deb

FYI and for the record, there are now recoll 1.19.12p1 .debs built for Debian Wheezy on the Recoll download page (


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