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#1 2014-02-05 19:11:45

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Customize or Edit keyboard layout

Edit: Please erase this post. I've found an alternative. Pressing Alt Gr + Q gives me / and pressing Alt Gr + W gives me ?; all's fine now. Thank you smile

Hello, everyone.

I'm a linux newbie (Have tried a few distros so far) and I've just installed #! and I'm enjoying it a lot so far. Seems like I've finally found my linux distro. However, I've a little problem, not with the distro itself but hoping I can solve it through this one.

I have a brazilian portuguese keyboard. It works just fine except for only one key: the interrogation '?' and '/' key. Something's wrong with it, because despite not working on any text boxes, i.e., if I press it, nothing will happen, when I open Windows' keyboard layout viewer and press it, the viewer recognizes I've pressed it. But only there.

So what I would like to do is change the '/' key to somewhere else. Maybe Alt Gr, since I don't use it. Is there anyway to do so? That is, if I press Alt Gr, it will work as if it was the '?' and '/' key.

A solution I use in windows is to set the keyboard to the US international layout, where I can use the brazilian ':' and ';' to generate '?' and '/', and the said malfunctioning key is non-existant. However, using the US international layout on #! is extremely painful for accents like ç,  é, ê, and such, common in my language, since I have to press composite + accent + letter. And sometimes, composite + shift + accent + letter. In Windows, there's no need to use a composite key, it works pretty much like in brazilian layout: I just have to press accent + letter. If there's anyway to do so on #!, I'd appreciate as well. However, moving the '?' and '/' to a responsive key is still my priority since it will be more comfortable.

Thanks in advance


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#2 2014-02-05 19:35:25

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Re: Customize or Edit keyboard layout

man xmodmap


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