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#1 2013-12-17 05:04:10

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Hello from Ubuntu an refugee

Hi everybody, I've been using #! for about a month now and am loving it. I was using a Ubuntu with compiz standalone session setup but saw the days are numbered for ye old compiz sad . So here I am. I miss some of the animations a little bit, but the ease of customization is so worth it.

One thing that I always hated about Ubuntu was the learning curve for figuring out how to customize things. I was smiling from ear to ear when I first logged in and right clicked to see everything I need under settings. Another bonus was that most of it was a simple xml/config file! I'm looking forward to hanging around these forums, the community has been awesome.


Be excellent to each other!

#2 2013-12-17 05:08:02

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Re: Hello from Ubuntu an refugee

Welcome autodidactic! enjoy the incredible #! distro!


#3 2013-12-17 05:58:49

#! Die Hard
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Re: Hello from Ubuntu an refugee

Welcome!  Get #! ing

OHCG #!, Jessie,, Siduction-13.1Slackware 14Bridge,, Sabayon 13.4,


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