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#1 2011-01-18 13:30:04

#! Die Hard
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help: how to boot statler with a boot floppy

I tried to find information about this.. got an old toshiba laptop, 1,5ghz 256 mb ram, cd-rom broken. win XP installed. 10 year old battery still running for solid 3 hours. I used 9.04 live on it a while ago before the cd rom broke.

since I can't select booting from usb, so I figured out I could create a 3,5" floppy disk that instructs the computer to boot from usb.. any hint on how to archieve that? only found very old threads about that or for other distibutions only (pendrive linux e.g.)

sth. like this:

thanks alot.

edit: I'd think about a solution that would boot any linux distribution from a usb stick for computers without boot from usb option

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#2 2011-01-18 16:58:30

From: Nagoya, Japan
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Re: help: how to boot statler with a boot floppy

I was looking for this a while ago, but before finding the answer got a computer that could boot from usb and burn CDs...

But, agreed, a "generic" boot floppy that could tell the computer to boot from whatever was on the usb drive would be very nice.
Also, agreed, all the info seems to be rather old. I guess not so many people use floppies any more. sad

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#3 2013-10-25 15:56:59

From: bham
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Re: help: how to boot statler with a boot floppy

There is a nice boot manager that I have used quite a few times and works as a treat booting from a usb via a floppy when usb booting is not supported


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