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#1 2013-06-20 03:19:08

From: US of 'Merica
Registered: 2013-04-21
Posts: 36

Dropping Dropbox (RYO)

I'm looking to drop dropbox for a self hosted solution. I was thinking something like git-annex but I would also be looking to sync .git directories and I am not sure if any git based systems can be used for that. I'm going to be running this system on a xen server instance, mac and linux.

Anyone have any success stories about such systems?


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#2 2013-06-20 06:03:00

#! Junkie
From: Stockholm, Sweden
Registered: 2009-01-23
Posts: 451

Re: Dropping Dropbox (RYO)

BitTorrent Sync?
I have played with it and it works as advertised in the simple tests I have done.



#3 2013-06-20 09:58:55

From: Munich
Registered: 2012-11-05
Posts: 42

Re: Dropping Dropbox (RYO)

I had the same plans and wanted to buy a Raspberry Pi and install OnwCloud on it. Didn't do anything yet, but I can tell you how it works when i'm done.


#4 2013-06-20 21:10:44

#! Member
Registered: 2010-10-20
Posts: 83

Re: Dropping Dropbox (RYO)

I never used dropbox a lot.
What i do with a home server is:
- rsync #for big files like music, documents, etc
- gitolite # for small files like programming training files
- /var/www/share # to quickly give data to someone (very seldom)
- sshfs # to mount files for osmo and zim, so all files are always in sync, without me intervening
I looked at owncloud, it looked good, i plan to install it, but can't say much about it yet.

After reading your link about git-annex i understand why git often fails with my ~/Backup/lots_of_backups.
I think a very good solution is rsync. Good here means easy.
From the top of my head i see no advantage to use git in such a case. Anyway, there is a graphical frontent too (sparkleshare). I couldn't do much useful with it, but didn't try hard.

I don't understand that:

but I would also be looking to sync .git directories

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#5 2013-06-25 04:13:41

From: US of 'Merica
Registered: 2013-04-21
Posts: 36

Re: Dropping Dropbox (RYO)

Rsync is a little to hands for me. I'm setting up redmine to do what gitolite does.

Owncloud is AWESOME. I am going to install on my xen server. This is probably what I have been looking for. THANKS.

BitTorrent Sync looks pretty awesome too, although but the web gui of Owncloud gives it a leg up. Also it has a calendar and some other functions that I have been looking to take off of google apps.

Props for using Osmo, that program is definitely not for me.

Thank you all so much, I think this answers my question.


#6 2013-06-26 14:44:23

#! Die Hard
From: Earth
Registered: 2012-10-05
Posts: 574

Re: Dropping Dropbox (RYO)

If it turns out that everything is in fact hunky-dory, then I'd suggest marking this thread as [SOLVED] to make things easier for future generations wink


#7 2013-06-27 17:50:02

#! Member
From: Cascadia
Registered: 2009-02-23
Posts: 65

Re: Dropping Dropbox (RYO)

I also dropped Dropbox, just today. I had been thinking about doing it for quite some time, but hadn't found a solution that I was happy with yet. Right now, I have the files stored on the 10GB of free FTP space I have with my ISP.

I had considered SpiderOak for security, but as that is a proprietary software solution, I think I will forego that. I'm considering git-annex or BitTorrent Sync, and looking at other options, as well.


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