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#1 2013-06-15 21:16:40

#! Die Hard
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hii, welcome to the "masochiism" thread.  a thread for the termiinally iinsane.

no my keyboard iisn't broken. the double "i" are iintentiional, for this is a thread about suckless' ii, the irc client, by, and for, those who use ii.

(i'll stop that siillyness now)

likely no two ii users will have the same use style carved out from it.  there is creativity, diversity and power, in creating whatever wrappers, helpers, scripts and apps to make use of ii.

I have started this thread, having noticed there are now at least several of us in chat who use ii, and so we may have many ideas worth sharing from our own ii-use, and better to share them in a forum with its inherent dash of "for posterity", rather than let it all get lost in chat logs as forgotten history.

my own input:
I have been using ii to help sharpen my bash scripting skills (fledgeling as they are), to make some simple little helper scripts,
and have started to "release early" on gitorious: ~ here they are, scribbles and all: … ees/master

i am already getting to (at/past) that stage where i cant go back to the likes of pidgin/xchat/irssi/etc...  just not enough unixy-goodness power.   ... and i'm still rubbish with iit.  still to get around to sussing how to sed the output of a tail -f, or how to get my multi-dir(/chan) greps to display the chan name it came from, rather than "standard output", nor have i sussed a clean way to get "biip" or some notification system to let me know when someone mentions my nick when i'm running ii on a server which i'm accessing through ssh, and other various bits and bobs... suffice to say, as much as i cannot go back anymore, this is still very masochistic. 

anyhoo... if you're a fellow ii user, drop a post in here to say hi n whatnot.  smile  share your ii creations and notions. smile

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