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#1 2013-03-15 17:42:41

#! CrunchBanger
From: Everywhere
Registered: 2011-01-28
Posts: 192

Router for cable modem (UK)

Hello Everybody,
We with Virgin Media & have just been upgraded to a Superhub and 30 Gb broadband... and lovely it is too.

However the Superhub is not very configurable and it doesn't allow use of the Opendns servers.

Given that the Superhub has a modem only configuration; I was wondering what the best router option would be.

All help gratefully received.


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#2 2013-03-15 19:14:43

#! Junkie
From: oblivion
Registered: 2013-02-09
Posts: 293

Re: Router for cable modem (UK)


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