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#1 2013-01-21 12:55:05

#! CrunchBanger
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Moving Wireless Channel

So I was trying to improve our connection at home and after using Wifi Analyzer on my phone, I realised that Channel 6 (default) on our router is rather crowded so I moved to Channel 11 (very uncongested) but the Windows machine stopped connecting; so I moved to Channel 9 (less congested but better than Channel 6) and the two old noname laptops running #! stable connected, eventually, but were very slow. So I moved back to Channel 6. Now everything is connecting properly.
The noname laptops have a Belkin PCMCIA wireless network cards.
The Android phones & tablet and the internet radio, my Dell laptop running #! Wheezy all connected without a problem. I understand why the Windows machine didn't connect, but cannot work out why the noname laptops had such difficulty.
Can anyone enlighten me please?


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