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#1 2012-02-15 11:01:06

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Web-based project management software

Since these forum has helped me to find various solutions, I address one more problem:

Some background info:
I work for a small familly business in the agricultural market, not in the IT department. Actually they are so small
that they dont have any in-house IT, they could be categorised as IT agnostics.  I know it sounds bad and partly it
is. Anyhow, they are quite open minded people and most of the executives are open to new suggestions.

What I am looking for :

As the title says I am looking for web-based project management software, till now I ve setup and tried the
following three solutions:

If you asked me which of the above three I would focus and try to bring in our organization, I would say project-pier although I need to do some more testing in to it before I make a clear recommendation.
I  obviously look for something open-sourced that can be tweaked and customized to fit my needs, while the cost should be minimum.

So my question is what do you people use for your own projects?
Any other directions I should look into?

Thank you people

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#2 2012-02-16 09:13:09

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Re: Web-based project management software

raban wrote:

We us a project management and collaboration tool called It is free for small teams and has real nice project management and collaboration features.

It looks interesting but:

  • I am looking for a solution hosted in our own servers

  • Minimum cost, the free version of binfire has limited functionality in many aspects - limited number of projects -limited number of users - limited storage

  • Is it open-source?

Still thank you for your suggestion..

If you break it, you get to keep all pieces.


#3 2012-02-16 13:44:20

#! CrunchBanger
From: West Midlands
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Re: Web-based project management software

Linux Format magazine reviewed Project Management software in the latest issue.

This was the only web based one.

Open Source and use on your own LAMP stack.


#4 2012-02-16 14:37:57

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Re: Web-based project management software

Thanks for your proposal, havent d/l it yet but I will as soon as I get back home...
The project though seems dead (last release November 2009) plus their demo page is down..

Anyhow thank you for your reccomendation, I ll report my findings after using it...

If you break it, you get to keep all pieces.


#5 2012-02-20 17:14:42

#! Die Hard
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Re: Web-based project management software

you could try Zoho Apps.  Along with mail, they have all kinds of productive and collaborative apps.  Might not be in the realm of what you are looking for, but I think its worth a quick look through.

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#6 2012-09-05 03:57:17

nirosha ganesan
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Re: Web-based project management software

Web-based project management software :

I would prefer a web-based, open source tool that we can use to manage clients, projects, list time, and allow project managers to assign tasks to us developers. Would also be nice if we had some kind of tracking or hooks into source control, but we still don't run any in our office, I'm pushing for SVN.

Project Management Certification


#7 2012-09-05 07:07:21

#! Junkie
From: me to you
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Re: Web-based project management software

oh yeah? well, your momma dresses you funny and you need a mouse to delete files


#8 2012-09-05 11:39:05

From: Universe
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Re: Web-based project management software


I checked all the links here and (from my point of view as a first timer in Web-based project management software) here what my thoughts are:

1. collabpress - NO!  Is based on wordpress and wordpress is harder to customized in comparison with other cms like drupal and joomla that u can access the codeany time and fix your things. wordpress is more based in gui changes. drupal fan i guess ^^

2. projectpier - seems promising, easy to get with design and nice menus. 8/10

3. collabtive - very nice menus and design but i think u have to add lots of stuff to achieve the functionality u like. By default i think is aimed just for an office of 3-5 people. 7/10

4. dotproject - is based on postnuke that is based on phpnuke... rly??? WE HAVE 2012, who is still using nuke... i consider the design obselete! (for me nuke has been a great software but not any more... failed to adapt and become more friendly for users and devs like drupal, wordpress and others)

5. zoho - seems very promising and ready to go defaults 8/10

6. redmine - I didn't like the design at all but except that I can't say more since I didn't try it out (yet). Still doesn't seem that promising...

I also google about free web based management software and there are few but the most of them come with some 30 days free trial and then u have to pay. And some of them are really crappy like codendi if i recall correct. Anyway all of the above (I am no expert) are my humble opinions about the software you mentioned here. If I were you (ofc you know better which software will fit best for your needs) I would go with project pier. For me is the best overall solution. Simple, easy, functional. I couldn't find any foss better than this. Ofc a very attractive alternative is collabtive but there i really think u gonna have to add a few things to achieve the results u want. Zoho sounds good too ^^

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