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#1 2012-03-08 19:32:03

The #! Guy
From: Felton, California, USA
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Simple screen problem

Hi, all -- This is ridiculously silly (and "problem" is probably too strong a word), I'll be the first to admit, and I'll take the pointy hat and go sit in the corner once someone gives me the obvious answer to this question.

I gave a presentation at a Linux Beginners Class in Los Angeles last weekend, and my presentation was on the History of Linux. I normally give the presentation with my old ThinkPad, but I recently bought a newer machine -- a ZaReason Alto 3880 (Intel Sandy Bridge graphics card) -- and I plugged in the projector cable, booted up and . . . the projector had great clarity but my laptop screen was blank, punctuated with a variety of colors on the full screen.

As interesting as it was -- changing colors with each movement of the mouse or keystroke -- it was a little disconcerting, and navigating the screen from the projection instead of the screen in front of me was an experience.

I don't know if grandr is the place to set the projector screen settings -- I didn't find it there -- or if it's somewhere else. While I look around some more, does anyone have an answer off the tops of your heads?

Thanks in advance.

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#2 2012-03-09 01:32:28

Internal Affairs
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Re: Simple screen problem

When in doubt, I `xrandr`.


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