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#1 2008-12-08 19:50:04

The Inquisitor
From: Northport, AL USA
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Crunchbang Shoutout

The Ubuntu Podcast (boredandblogging and linuxcrypt from the GA LoCo guys) did a segment on Crunchbang in their latest episode (#14).

From the shownotes:
    * CrunchBang Linux
          o Based off Ubuntu
          o Uses the OpenBox window manager, but allows you to run all your GNOME apps
          o Created from a minimal Ubuntu install and adding layers on top of it.
          o Default theme is cool, all black and white
          o Not supported by Canonical, but if you are comfortable with Ubuntu, CrunchBang should be pretty easy to use

Discussion starts at 30:05 and lasts until 31:50. Does not seem that either have used it very long. So it is a very High Level overview. But all the exposure that happens is good.

This is an overall good podcast and I recommend it.


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#2 2008-12-09 01:05:55

From: Lincoln, UK
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Re: Crunchbang Shoutout

Hi Michael smile

Thank you for posting about the mention on The Ubuntu Podcast. I actually subscribe to the podcast feed, but I have been somewhat busy and I had not seen it before I read your post. I really must catch up with my feeds! Anyhow, I really like this particular podcast. Nick and Joshua do a great job of summarising all the latest Ubuntu goings on.

Thanks again for pointing this out. I really should send the guys a thank you note, or maybe a cigar! wink

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