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#1 2009-01-18 12:17:57

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** Please read before posting **

Before posting in 'Help & Support' please try to find a solution to your problem. Perform a search of the CrunchBang Linux Forums. Also remember that CrunchBang is based on Debian GNU/Linux and when searching for solutions, it may help to use the following resources:

If you fail to find a solution, by all means post a new topic. When you do post a new topic, please:

  • Choose clear, informative subjects. This is more likely to elicit response from experienced users who have knowledge about that particular topic. It also makes the topic easy to reference and find in forum searches by future users with similar problems.

  • When asking questions, provide as much information as possible, including the version of CrunchBang you are using, error messages, terminal output, logs, what you have previously tried, what documentation and searches you have attempted, and related configuration files. Read How To Ask Questions The Smart Way for more helpful advice.

  • Choose one topic per thread. Long many-paged threads are typically discouraged in the 'Help & Support' forum. Try not to post multiple questions in a single topic -- this makes it difficult to search for specific problems.

  • Stay on topic. When responding to an existing thread, attempt to focus on the original topic. If something comes up and you're inclined to post "that reminds me," or "we also need to consider..." determine whether it might be better to start a new thread, or if your statement even needs to be said at all.

  • 'Bumping' a thread is considered by some as rude. Use time wisely and update the thread by providing details of other steps you have taken to resolve the issue, rather than calling further attention to the thread without adding any further useful information.

  • Finally, mark your thread as [Solved] by editing the original post title when a solution is found. This will help others to find solutions for their own issues.

Thank you for reading and good luck with resolving your issue! smile

==> Addendum by anonymous: Bumping old threads is often called 'Necro-Bumping'. When replying to a thread more than three months old, you should again consider if it might be better to start a new thread, or if your statement even needs to be said at all. If you do decide upon creating a new thread, it might be helpful to include a link to the older thread if you think its relevant. If you are the OP, I will let you bump your own threads but try to add new information.

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