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#26 2015-03-05 08:56:34

#! Octo-portal-pussy
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Re: Default GTK/Openbox/Notification Theme

pvsage wrote:

(gtk? gtk+? not sure which, but it's lovely)

I certainly do hope it's gtk+ and not gtk big_smile

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#27 2015-03-05 09:51:05

#! Red Menace
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Re: Default GTK/Openbox/Notification Theme

hhh wrote:
brontosaurusrex wrote:

Nice work, are those notification looking nice even when there is no compton (compositor) present?

No to me, no. I like shadows, and it's why I'm using Compton with Xfwm4, because Xfwm's compositor in 4.10 no longer (?) draws shadows on notifications nor xfce4-panel. Without shadows, it all depends on the background how they look. Feel free to download, use and edit as you see fit.

short version;
Compton brings in problems (video tearing), so my proposal A. would be;
- someone fixes compton
- ship with compton off, its optional (and theming must work that way) < at least until compton is smarter out of the box, shadows can go into Helium or Lithium.

My workaround for ugly notifications without compton; … ion_thingy < that would be proposal B.

p.s. As for the design, we will not come together, but I decided to gracefully step out/quit/try not to comment anything in that direction, so you can have a smooth workflow without silly questions/whining.

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#28 2015-03-05 19:20:17

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Re: Default GTK/Openbox/Notification Theme

I've updated the notification themes so the 'title' uses a bold font and the progress bar (volume/brightness) looks better, use the original links..

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#29 2015-03-09 06:16:23

#! Die Hard
From: South Africa
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Re: Default GTK/Openbox/Notification Theme

@hhh, using the grey theme + blue flame wallpaper, and it looks great - cheers!


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