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#26 2015-03-04 13:08:24

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From: SR11 Cockpit
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Re: velvet-noise wallpaper and conky

smacz wrote:


Can you please post (or link if already posted) your default .conkyrc? I am especially interested in the Net Stats up/dn graphs. I'm sure it's trivial to you, but it's so elegant (especially with the multiple colors) that I wanted to sneak a peek at the source, and was disappointed when it didn't show up on your github repo wink

Also, did you hard-code the bunsen flame button in there? (...and did you make it do anything if you clicked on it???)

Oh that conky OK, it's here. The flame is a composite image of the flame and a transparent button found on the net.  No it's not interactive at all.  It has too many "computer specific" elements in it to be a "default" conky.

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