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Forum Conduct Guide

Welcome to the Crunchbang Forums!

Since its start in November 2008 this forum has had a reputation as one of the more helpful and friendly places on the internet. Now with a vastly increased membership, we still hope you will enjoy this unique atmosphere and anticipate that you will be able to contribute to it!

Here are some points to bear in mind that might help you to enjoy your time here:

  • Respect is the key word. Respect for other members, and for their ideas, even if you don't agree with them.

  • Some of our members are very young. Bear that in mind and choose your language accordingly.

  • Different people know different things. Everyone has something to contribute.

  • Remember the difficulties of digital communication. A friendly jab might come across quite  the wrong way when the other person can't see your facial expression. Smileys aren't a substitute. Be careful.

  • Not everyone here is from the same cultural background. Someone might be joking around or simply not realising that what they are saying can be offensive in other cultures.

  • With well over 10,000 members, there's a good chance that you might not care for the posting style or perceived attitude of one or two of them. If you disagree with what someone says then by all means post your own view of the subject, but avoid attacking them personally. If the topic is not important you also have the option to ignore users who annoy you, and talk to people you like.  Personal attacks on other users, either in the forum or by private message, are not tolerated here. If you get an attack via PM send the text to a moderator.

  • When someone takes time out of their day to help you fix something, say thanks. smile

  • When your problem is solved, edit the first post to add [SOLVED] to the title. That way other people may benefit from your solution.

If you get confused and need advice don't hesitate to send a private message to a moderator.

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