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#1 2015-02-07 22:27:35

#! CrunchBanger
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install voidlinux with openbox

hello  you like openbox, you want to test a rather original rolling release distro without systemd i 've got what you need :
Before all please read the voidlinux wiki to become familiar with xbps and runit

the first part is simple, you upload voidlinux then you start it in live

login : root
password : voidlinux


$ sudo void-installer

I choose the network install

for the partitionning i choose :

500 MO en EXT2 flag : /boot
2 GO pour le swap
6 GO en EXT4 flag : /
10 GO en EXT4 flag : /home

if the install was good :

$ xbps-install ranger nano

Create an user

$ useradd john

$ passwd john

$ usermod -G wheel,audio,optical,lp,storage,video john

you need to edit /etc/sudoers with visudo or nano

$ visudo

$ EDITOR=nano visudo

uncomment the line

## Uncomment to allow members of group wheel to execute any command
%wheel ALL=(ALL) ALL

you can now log in with your little user previously created and use sudo

$ xbps-install xorg xini udevil Thunar thunar-volman dbus wireless-tools gvfs udisks2 polkit-gnome geany openbox obmenu lxappearance obconf alsa-utils gtk-engine-murrine file-roller p7zip firefox terminator xterm nitrogen xdg-user-dirs dmenu

to search a package use : sudo xbps-query -Rs <name of the package>

then copy and edit .xinitrc

$ cp /etc/skel/.xinitrc ~ 

then edit it :

$ nano .xinitrc

You write in :

exec dbus-launch openbox-session

i don't use connection manager so 'startx' is enough

then use xterm which is in the openbox menu to launch the services that go well

$ ln -s /etc/sv/dbus /var/service/

$ ln -s /etc/sv/dhcpcd /var/service/

copy the openbox config folder

$ mkdir -p ~/.config/openbox

$ cp -R /etc/xdg/openbox/* ~/.config/openbox

then edit autostart and paste in :

devmon &
tint2 &
thunar --daemon &
volumeicon &
synclient TapButton1=1 & # tapbutton du touchpad
#xrandr --output VGA1 --mode 1366x768 --left-of LVDS1 & # second monitor
(sleep 5s && nitrogen --restore) &
#(sleep 10s && conky -c .conkyrc1) & # conky

-then reboot and test

if like me your machine works in wifi always in the same place, use wpa-supplicant rather that a connection manager
see this page : … figuration

-to have the folders video download... in your home

launch in a terminal :

$ xdg-user-dirs-update 

- for later

$ mkdir ~/.themes
$ mkdir ~/.icons

to be sure :

$ chown -R john /home/john

-if you have some trouble with dbus

$ dbus-uuidgen > /var/lib/dbus/machine-id

-if you have some trouble with udevil

$chmod -s /usr/bin/udevil

the sources :
le wiki archlinux

- we can add the following alias in .bashrc

$ nano /etc/.bashrc

we add

alias update='sudo xbps-install -Syu'
alias install='sudo xbps-install'
alias search='sudo xbps-query -Rs'
alias purge='sudo xbps-remove'

if you want a crunchbang like

you can add :

-in the section <!-- Keybindings for windows --> to seeopenbox menu with awin + space

<keybind key="W-space">
      <action name="ShowMenu">

- add this section

<!-- A bit of tiling -->
<keybind key="W-Right">
<action name="GrowToEdgeEast"/>
<keybind key="W-Left">
<action name="GrowToEdgeWest"/>
<keybind key="W-Down">
<action name="GrowToEdgeSouth"/>
<keybind key="W-Up">
<action name="GrowToEdgeNorth"/>

-replace this section <!-- Keybindings for running applications --> with :

<keybind key="W-e">
      <action name="Execute">
    <keybind key="W-t">
      <action name="Execute">
    <keybind key="W-w">
      <action name="Execute">
    <keybind key="W-f">
      <action name="Execute">
    <keybind key="A-F3">
      <action name="Execute">

thats all for the rc.xml
it s better to modify the menu by hand

Sorry english is not my first language

Here my dual desktop with crunchy dark grey theme


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I need to learn how to speak/write English big_smile
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