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#1 2014-11-19 07:21:08

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[HowTo] Use sysvinit or upstart in Debian jessie

I played around with init systems in jessie today and here's what I found. Just the facts, please leave systemd debate in the Off Topic forum. My sources.. … 02070.html

In a nutshell, you can switch away from systemd with one command...

sudo apt-get install sysvinit-core systemd-shim systemd-sysv-


 sudo apt-get install upstart systemd-shim systemd-sysv-

That removes systemd-sysv, which sets systemd as the init system, and installs systemd-shim, which "works as an emulation layer between systemd components like systemd-logind and an alternate init system"

So, you may need libpam-systemd (which pulls in systemd) even if you use another init system...

C.S. wrote:

So basically, if you don't want systemd:

- you will not get around libsystemd0, but that is really, really
   harmless (you also don't get grid of libselinux on jessie, but I
   don't see anybody complaining there, because its functionality is
   disabled by default, same with libsystemd0 if systemd is not PID1)

- you will also not really get around udev on Debian, which is also
   built from the systemd source package (because both are developed in
   the same source tree), but that's independent of systemd itself

- if you don't need logind (i.e. no desktop environment that requires
   it), then you will need nothing else

- if you need logind (i.e. using a desktop environment that requires
   it), then you will also need to have the systemd package installed
   (see above: does NOT make systemd PID1, but logind is contained in
   there), and then you'll also want the systemd-shim if you don't want
   systemd to be PID1

tl;dr: You will need the following packages:
- "always": libsystemd0, udev, libudev1
- logind, PID1 != systemd: install systemd and systemd-shim
- PID1 == systemd: install systemd-sysv, optionally remove systemd-shim

Some packages that depend on libpam-systemd include network-manager, policykit-1, udisks2 and gvfs-daemons.

Not really that big of a deal, you're only using a component of systemd and having the entire systemd package installed "has no direct side-effects other than using up some disk space".

To see what uninstalling systemd from your system will pull with it use the simulate switch...

apt-get purge -s systemd systemd-sysv

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#2 2014-11-19 08:04:53

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Re: [HowTo] Use sysvinit or upstart in Debian jessie

Wow! What an amazing guide!

Thanks @hhh big_smile

EDIT: Removed non-sensical comment... hmm

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#3 2014-11-20 12:47:59

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Re: [HowTo] Use sysvinit or upstart in Debian jessie

Interesting read hhh, thanks!

Time to move on!#


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