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#1 2014-10-16 11:37:49

#! Die Hard
From: Ottawa, Canada
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A question regarding Pulseaudio

I had Crunchbang 11 on my old Dell 3000 for quite a while. The only thing that drove me nuts was that everytime I would launch audacity to digitize my LP's, Pulseaudio would default to mute. When you open the Volume Control window and select Input Devices Port Line in would default to mute. If I didn't remember to unmute, my recording would not take place. Is there a way to set Pulseaudio not to mute when I launch and use Audacity? This is the only real gripe I had with Crunchbang on my Dell. If I can resolve this issue, I will install #! again and see how it goes. Right now I am dual booting with Debian 7 XFCE and Zorin 9 Lite.

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#2 2014-10-16 16:49:12

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Re: A question regarding Pulseaudio

it's a while since i used pulseaudio, but i'm pretty sure it can be controled via command line - so you could write yourself a little wrapper around audacity, maybe call it mylps:

pulseaudio-daemon --do-that-unmute-thing
audacity "$@" &


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