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#1 2014-05-10 21:26:00

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UEFI-enabled Crunchbang the really lazy way...

Do you have a UEFI-enabled motherboard?
Want to boot #! up without using "Legacy" mode?
Are you as lazy as me?
Good! Here's how:
Set up an EFI system partition (FAT32 filesystem, 512MiB in size) & a partition for Lubuntu (~5-10GB).
Download Lubuntu 14.04 & burn to a DVD (or dd to a USB stick).
Enable UEFI-mode in your BIOS settings (ie disable "CSM" or "Legacy" mode).
Load the Lubuntu live disk & start the installer.
Use the manual patitioning method & set the EFI system partition as the "EFI Boot Partition"; use /dev/sd<x> (no number, where <x> is the drive letter of your installation drive) as the target for the bootloader; make sure it doesn't touch your precious #! install...
Let the installer do its thing smile
When you start up next time (in UEFI-mode) there will be a GRUB menu entry for #! big_smile
EDIT: this even works if Secure-Boot is enabled due to *buntu's use of the Fedora Shim Project...

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