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#1 2014-01-14 05:22:23

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Streaming content lags the browser (firefox/adobe)?

Hello all, I'm having trouble using Firefox to view flash content on an old(er) laptop.  Even if a flash video (for instance, on youtube) is not in fullscreen mode, the CPU is pegged, and if I fullscreen it, there is some lagging and stuttering. 

That same video, however, streams in minitube just fine, fullscreen or windowed, and only takes the CPU up to about 50%.  Likewise, I can view streaming content in VLC just fine, even in fullscreen, and again the CPU only goes up to about 50%.   I can also download videos and play them in VLC just fine.

Unfortunately, not all streaming content will play in VLC or minitube, so I need another option besides firefox/adobe.

Has anyone come across, or might know of, a less intensive way to play streaming content than with Firefox/adobe?


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#2 2014-01-14 09:58:57

#! Red Menace
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Re: Streaming content lags the browser (firefox/adobe)?

Perhaps try Chrome (Pepper-based Flash Player) which has in-build newer version of flash, but no promises. The other option is allready mentioned 'download/play with vlc\mplayer/delete' model.

p.s. There are youtube dowloaders usefull from command line, but I'am not sure if those are legal to advertise here.

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#3 2014-01-14 12:41:59

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Re: Streaming content lags the browser (firefox/adobe)?

Why not use the features of YouTube?
Setup your browser to use HTML5 instead of Flash

No need, for the flash player ...

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#4 2014-01-14 18:40:19

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Re: Streaming content lags the browser (firefox/adobe)?

Thanks guys, the problem isn't youtube, as I can play youtube content in minitube, for instance, or just download it.

The problem is streaming content in general, like from other sites, or live streaming events; things that don't play on VLC/minitube or can be downloaded.   



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