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#1 2014-01-05 21:01:26

UK #! Guy
From: Luxembourg
Registered: 2009-01-13
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termsaver 0.2

TermSaver v.0.2 - A simple text-based terminal screensaver.

Usage: termsaver [screen] [options]


 rssfeed        displays rss feed information
 starwars       runs the asciimation Star Wars movie
 sysmon         displays a graphical system monitor
 matrix         displays a matrix movie alike screensaver
 randtxt        displays word in random places on screen
 programmer     displays source code in typing animation
 asciiartfarts  displays ascii images from (NSFW)
 quotes4all     displays recent quotes from
 jokes4all      displays recent jokes from (NSFW)
 rfc            randomly displays RFC contents
 urlfetcher     displays url contents with typing animation
 clock          displays a digital clock on screen


 -h, --help     Displays this help message
 -v, --verbose  Displays python exception errors (for debugging)

Refer also to each screen's help by typing: termsaver [screen] -h

See more information about this project at:

Report bugs to authors at:

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