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#26 2014-01-12 11:58:03

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Re: Fiddling with the Waldorf iso ... for fun n profit! UPDATED!

Thank you CBizgreat! for full and easy guide.

I was trying to make my own fork of #! and it is work in progress but usable. The only one thing is that I need to do update-initramfs on squash-fs from iso and I am using 64bit system but the edited iso is 32bit. How can I do that?

I replaced a lot of programs with command line and a lot of files with thunar (configs and stuff). Everything worked just fine. But when i installed plymouth and my own theme. I should now update-initramfs to apply change.

I tried to do that myself but it detects my running -amd64- kernel. Of course everything is in chroot environment with mounted all /dev /proc ...etc.

update-initramfs -u
update-initramfs -u -k all
update-initramfs -u -k `(specified 32bit kernel)`

none of them worked and I had to unsquashfs from iso again cuz there were errors that I couldn't figure out.

uname -porn ;P

gives me

crunchbang 3.2.0-4-amd64 unknown GNU/Linux

I will make liveusb 32 bit version to update-initramfs from the live session but not sure if they run same kernel and if the error is kernel arch related or kernel version related or both. I Will post if that will work!

Yes it kinda worked. Remember if you are making 32-bit version use 32-bit system too.

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#27 2014-01-13 02:34:49

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Re: Fiddling with the Waldorf iso ... for fun n profit! UPDATED!

What about installing the 32-bit version on a small partition, and do it from there? Makes it a lot easier...

This guide worked fine for me, but upgrading to a new release in chroot and make a usable iso from that was a pain. I managed to do it in the end, with a couple of small errors. It didn`t boot all the way up in live-mode, and the install also failed to install grub. But as I use another distro as a master-grub, it detected the install and I was able to boot it to install grub, and now the install works flawlessly. All changes stick, like backgrounds, themes and icons, and of course, apps and menus..., and I suppose that the errors I got, has to do with the fact that I upgraded to testing, and upgraded the kernel to towo-siduction-3.6-10-amd64. Which probably doesn`t match other install files.

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#28 2014-04-12 17:18:59

jun sen
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Re: Fiddling with the Waldorf iso ... for fun n profit! UPDATED!

First of all: thanks a lot for this guide! It is exactly what I was looking for, and I only found the information scattered everywhere.

second: edit. problem doesn't exist anymore :-)

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#29 2014-08-16 16:01:46

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Re: Fiddling with the Waldorf iso ... for fun n profit! UPDATED!

^Definitely welcome fellow nixer(s) ... haven't been on #! forums in awhile. Feels good to know people are getting use from the info. Like you, took a lot of research, web surfing and experimentation to find and compile a how to on this. Though yay ... now it's all consolidated in one place for nixers everywhere. Errrr, if they can find it anyway. smile

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