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#1 2013-09-20 15:25:46

#! CrunchBanger
From: Earth
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Posts: 233

Post your .vimrc

i really want to know the power of vim users
---- Post your .vimrc for sharing how you use


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#2 2013-09-20 15:26:53

#! CrunchBanger
From: Earth
Registered: 2013-03-10
Posts: 233

Re: Post your .vimrc


 set nocompatible
 set nobackup
 set noswapfile
 set guifont=Liberation\ Mono\ Regular\ 10
 set backspace=indent,eol,start
 filetype off
 " autoload .vimrc
 augroup myvimrchooks
  autocmd bufwritepost .vimrc source ~/.vimrc
 augroup END
 " Vundle
 set rtp+=~/.vim/bundle/vundle/
 call vundle#rc()

 " let Vundle manage Vundle
 " required! 
 Bundle 'gmarik/vundle'

 " My Bundles here:
 " original repos on github
 Bundle 'tpope/vim-fugitive'
 Bundle 'Lokaltog/vim-easymotion'
 Bundle 'flazz/vim-colorschemes'
 Bundle 'fisadev/fisa-vim-colorscheme'
 Bundle 'scrooloose/syntastic'
 Bundle 'scrooloose/nerdtree'
 Bundle 'scrooloose/nerdcommenter'
 Bundle 'majutsushi/tagbar'
 Bundle 'tpope/vim-surround'
 Bundle 'kien/tabman.vim'
 "Bundle 'Valloric/YouCompleteMe'
 "Bundle 'bling/vim-airline'
 Bundle 'vim-ruby/vim-ruby'
 "Bundle 'juvenn/mustache'
 Bundle "digitaltoad/vim-jade"
 Bundle 'mattn/emmet-vim'
 "Bundle "othree/html5.vim"
 Bundle "ap/vim-css-color"
 Bundle 'klen/python-mode'
 Bundle 'davidhalter/jedi-vim'
 Bundle 'wting/rust.vim'
 " Clojure
 Bundle 'guns/vim-clojure-static'
 Bundle 'marijnh/tern_for_vim'
 Bundle 'tpope/vim-classpath'
 Bundle 'tpope/vim-fireplace'
 Bundle 'justmao945/vim-clang'

 " Bundle 'Valloric/YouCompleteMe'

 " non github repos
 Bundle 'git://'

 " Pref

 filetype plugin indent on

 syntax on

 "so /home/sam/Documents/stuff/tern/vim/tern.vim
 colorscheme darkburn
 set number
 set numberwidth=1
 set laststatus=2
 set tabstop=2
 set shiftwidth=2
 " set background=dark

 if ! has('gui_running')
    set ttimeoutlen=10
    augroup FastEscape
        au InsertEnter * set timeoutlen=0
        au InsertLeave * set timeoutlen=1000
    augroup END

 set rtp+=/home/sam/stuff/powerline/powerline/bindings/vim
 autocmd Filetype python setlocal expandtab 
 "automatically close autocompletion window
 autocmd CursorMovedI * if pumvisible() == 0|pclose|endif
 autocmd InsertLeave * if pumvisible() == 0|pclose|endif

 " tagbar
 " autocmd vimenter * TagbarOpen
 map <F4> :TagbarToggle<CR>
 let g:tagbar_width = 25

 "NERD Tree
 "autocmd vimenter * NERDTree
 map <F3> :NERDTreeToggle<CR>
 " Ignore files on NERDTree
 let NERDTreeIgnore = ['\.pyc$', '\.pyo$']
 let g:tabman_toggle = '<F2>' 
 let g:tabman_width = 15
 let g:tabman_side = 'top'
 " pymode
	let g:pymode_rope = 0
  let g:pymode_run_key = '<leader>y'
	" Documentation
	let g:pymode_doc = 1
	let g:pymode_doc_key = 'K'

	let g:pymode_lint = 1
	let g:pymode_lint_checker = "pyflakes,pep8"
	" Auto check on save
	let g:pymode_lint_write = 1

	" Support virtualenv
	let g:pymode_virtualenv = 1
	" Enable breakpoints plugin
	let g:pymode_breakpoint = 1
	let g:pymode_breakpoint_key = '<leader>b'

	" syntax highlighting
	let g:pymode_syntax = 1
	let g:pymode_syntax_all = 1
	let g:pymode_syntax_indent_errors = g:pymode_syntax_all
	let g:pymode_syntax_space_errors = g:pymode_syntax_all

	" Don't autofold code
	let g:pymode_folding = 0

  let g:tern_show_argument_hints=1
	let g:clang_c_options = '-std=gnu11'
	let g:clang_cpp_options = '-std=c++11 -stdlib=libc++'
 " Brief help
 " :BundleList          - list configured bundles
 " :BundleInstall(!)    - install(update) bundles
 " :BundleSearch(!) foo - search(or refresh cache first) for foo
 " :BundleClean(!)      - confirm(or auto-approve) removal of unused bundles
 " see :h vundle for more details or wiki for FAQ
 " NOTE: comments after Bundle command are not allowed..


#3 2013-09-20 16:23:14

#! Die Hard
Registered: 2012-10-02
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#4 2013-09-20 18:38:35

#! CrunchBanger
From: Dirty Denver
Registered: 2012-01-20
Posts: 161

Re: Post your .vimrc

I'm game for a new vim thread. My vimrc:

" ~/.vimrc

set nocompatible
let mapleader = ","

" have pathogen handle plugins
call pathogen#infect()
call pathogen#helptags()

syntax on
filetype plugin on
filetype indent on
colorscheme 16

" behavior
set hidden " allow changing buffers without saving
set backspace=indent,eol,start " allow all backspace options in insert mode
set wildmenu " enable enhanced command line completion
set wildmode=list:longest,full " enable all completion options
set lazyredraw " don't update display while executing macros (performance)
set history=100 " keep 100 lines of command line history
set clipboard+=unnamed " yank to x clipboard
set modeline modelines=5 " search for commands in 5 modelines
set encoding=utf-8 " utf-8 encoding for all new files; see :help encoding
set nowrap " don't wrap lines by default; toggle with ",w"
set nobackup " disable backup
set noswapfile " disable swapfile
set notitle " get rid of 'thanks for flying vim' message
set virtualedit=all " allow cursor to go in empty space
set scrolloff=5 " keep cursor 5 lines from top and bottom while scrolling
set pastetoggle=<F12> " toggle pastemode

" appearance
set laststatus=2 " always show statusline
set cursorline " highlight cursor line
set ruler " display cursor position in statusline
set showmode " display current mode in last line
set showcmd " display incomplete commands in last line
set number " show line numbers
set showmatch " show matching brackets
set listchars=tab:▸\ ,eol:¬ " show "invisible" characters; toggle with ",i"
set cpoptions+=$ " nice setting for "cw"; see :help cpoptions

" searching
set hlsearch " highlight search results
set incsearch " incremental searching
set ignorecase " search results are case insensitive...
set smartcase " ... unless they contain at least one capital letter

" indentation
set tabstop=2
set softtabstop=2
set shiftwidth=2
set expandtab " tabs are converted to spaces
set autoindent " use indentation from current line when opening a new line

" quick escape from insert mode
inoremap jk <ESC>

" quickly close the current window
nnoremap <leader>q :q<CR>

" change to the current directory
nnoremap <leader>cd :cd %:p:h<CR>:pwd<CR>

" edit and source vimrc file
" other options - :edit (current window) :split , :vsplit ...
nmap <silent> <leader>v :tabedit $MYVIMRC<CR>
nmap <silent> <leader>s :so $MYVIMRC<CR>

" turn off search highlighting
nmap <silent> <leader>n :silent :nohlsearch<CR>

" more handy toggles
nmap <silent> <leader>i :set list!<CR>
nmap <silent> <leader>w :set wrap!<CR>

" mappings for windows
map <C-h> <C-w>h
map <C-j> <C-w>j
map <C-k> <C-w>k
map <C-l> <C-w>l

" replace all occurrences of the word under the cursor
:map <F3> :%s/\<<C-r><C-w>\>//g<Left><Left>

" strip trailing whitespace ",sw"
function! StripWhitespace()
    let save_cursor = getpos(".")
    let old_query = getreg('/')
    call setpos('.', save_cursor)
    call setreg('/', old_query)
noremap <leader>sw :call StripWhitespace()<CR>

" restore previous cursor position in files
if has("autocmd")
    au bufreadpost * if line("'\"") > 1 && line("'\"") <= line("$") | exe "normal! g`\"" | endif

" set extra options if running in gui mode
if has("gui_running")
    set guioptions-=m " don't display menu bar
    set guioptions-=T " don't display tool bar
    set guioptions-=r " don't display scroll bar
    set guioptions+=c " use console dialogs instead of pop-up dialogs
    set lines=40 columns=120 " window size
    set bg=dark
    set guifont=Terminus\ 10
    colorscheme jellybeans

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#5 2015-06-14 11:56:01

From: A world of pure imagination
Registered: 2014-01-21
Posts: 4,797

Re: Post your .vimrc


set number
set smartcase
set autoindent
set nowrap
set incsearch
set hlsearch
set cursorline
set whichwrap=b,s,<,>,[,]
set backspace=2
set ruler
set laststatus=2
colo aqua
syntax on
hi CursorLine	cterm=NONE	ctermbg=236	ctermfg=NONE
hi LineNr	cterm=NONE	ctermbg=236	ctermfg=246
augroup resCur
  autocmd BufReadPost * call setpos(".", getpos("'\""))
augroup END

The "augroup" block saves the position of the cursor for the next time a file is loaded.

There is no "aqua" colour scheme in the Debian version so I use "elflord" instead.


#6 2015-06-14 12:55:28

Registered: 2012-05-11
Posts: 1,648

Re: Post your .vimrc

It has grown over the years...the most important options, which I set on all my headless servers too though are only:

set expandtab
syntax on

I *hate* tabulator characters sad

execute pathogen#infect()

set ttyfast
set lazyredraw
set nocompatible
set undofile
set undodir=$HOME/.vim/undo
set undolevels=1000
set undoreload=10000
set hlsearch
set incsearch
set laststatus=2
set ignorecase
set visualbell
set showmatch
set hidden
set backupdir=$HOME/.vim/swap
set directory=$HOME/.vim/swap
set modeline
set modelines=2
set autoindent
set smartindent
set nowrap
set softtabstop=2
set shiftwidth=2
set tabstop=2
set expandtab
set smarttab
set formatoptions+=nmM
set virtualedit=block
set textwidth=72
set ruler
set noshowcmd
set number
set wildmenu
set ch=2
set backspace=2
set nostartofline
set mat=5
set t_Co=256
set wildchar=<Tab> wildmenu wildmode=full

filetype plugin indent on

syntax on
colorscheme jellybeans
" Colorscheme fixes
highlight ColorColumn ctermbg=0
highlight Todo cterm=bold ctermbg=none ctermfg=Green
highlight Search cterm=bold ctermbg=Black ctermfg=Green
highlight SpellBad ctermbg=Black ctermfg=Red

noremap <Up> <nop>
noremap <Down> <nop>
noremap <Left> <nop>
noremap <Right> <nop>
nmap <F2> :make pdf<cr>
nmap <F3> :make -B pdf<cr>
nmap <F4> :lcd %:p:h<cr>
nmap <F5> :tabnew %:p:h<cr>
nmap <F6> :make viewbg<cr>
nmap <F8> :TagbarToggle<cr>
nmap <F10> :make!<cr>
nmap <F11> :!zathura %:r.pdf &>/dev/null&<cr><cr>
nmap <F12> :source %:p<cr>
nmap <F9> :NeoCompleteToggle<cr>
nmap <leader>+ :nohlsearch<cr>
nmap <space> zz

""" airline

let g:airline#extensions#tabline#enabled=1
let g:airline_left_sep=''
let g:airline_right_sep=''
let g:airline_theme='wombat'
let g:airline#extension#whitespace#enabled=0

""" neocomplete

let g:acp_enableAtStartup=0
let g:neocomplete#enable_at_startup=1
let g:neocomplete#enable_smart_case=1
let g:neocomplete#sources#syntax#min_keyword_length=3
let g:neocomplete#lock_buffer_name_pattern='\*ku\*'
if !exists('g:neocomplete#keyword_patterns')
    let g:neocomplete#keyword_patterns={}
let g:neocomplete#keyword_patterns['default']='\h\w*'
function! s:my_cr_function()
  return neocomplete#close_popup() . "\<CR>"
if !exists('g:neocomplete#sources#omni#input_patterns')
  let g:neocomplete#sources#omni#input_patterns={}

nmap <F9> :NeoCompleteToggle<cr>
inoremap <expr><C-g> neocomplete#undo_completion()
inoremap <expr><C-l> neocomplete#complete_common_string()
inoremap <silent> <CR> <C-r>=<SID>my_cr_function()<CR>
inoremap <expr><TAB>  pumvisible() ? "\<C-n>" : "\<TAB>"
inoremap <expr><C-h> neocomplete#smart_close_popup()."\<C-h>"
inoremap <expr><BS> neocomplete#smart_close_popup()."\<C-h>"
inoremap <expr><C-y>  neocomplete#close_popup()
inoremap <expr><C-e>  neocomplete#cancel_popup()

autocmd VimEnter * NeoCompleteLock
autocmd FileType css setlocal omnifunc=csscomplete#CompleteCSS
autocmd FileType html,markdown setlocal omnifunc=htmlcomplete#CompleteTags
autocmd FileType javascript setlocal omnifunc=javascriptcomplete#CompleteJS
autocmd FileType python setlocal omnifunc=pythoncomplete#Complete
autocmd FileType xml setlocal omnifunc=xmlcomplete#CompleteTags

" tagbar

let g:tagbar_compact=1
nmap <F8> :TagbarToggle<CR>

" mutt

autocmd BufNewFile,BufRead mutt-* set tw=80 autoindent noruler syntax=mail

set path+=/usr/include/lua5.2

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Tannhäuser ~ {www,pkg,ddl}{gitlog,repoidx}


#7 2015-06-14 13:04:00

From: A world of pure imagination
Registered: 2014-01-21
Posts: 4,797

Re: Post your .vimrc

^ Thanks twoion, I was hoping you would share smile

I have "stolen" some of your options big_smile


#8 2015-06-15 13:12:59

Resident Bot
#! Die Hard
From: The Netherlands
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Re: Post your .vimrc

Well here's mine if you can make sense of it, I source a keymapping and plugins setting file.

set nocompatible "Must be the first line - Use vim defaults not vi compatible
set shortmess+=I  "disable the welcome screen
set guioptions-=T  "remove toolbar
set guioptions+=a

" Use pathogen to manage plugins
call pathogen#infect()
" line below added recently but it seemed to work fine without it.
call pathogen#helptags()
source $HOME/.vim/keymappings.vim
source $HOME/.vim/plugin-settings.vim
"so that you can add folds to your vimrc to make it tidy (use za to toggle fold)
" Vimscript file settings ---------------------- {{{
augroup filetype_vim
    autocmd FileType vim setlocal foldmethod=marker
augroup END
" }}}
" line below for use with mutt
autocmd BufNewFile,BufRead /tmp/mutt-* set filetype=mail
" or try au BufRead mutt-*        set ft=mail
" When encrypting any file, use the much stronger blowfish algorithm
set cryptmethod=blowfish
"For CSapprox plugin to give you better color in terminals
" use 256 colors in Console mode if we think the terminal supports it 
if &term =~? 'urxvt\|xterm'
       set t_Co=256

" Time out on key codes but not mappings.
" Basically this makes terminal Vim work sanely.
set notimeout
set ttimeout
set ttimeoutlen=10
set showmode       " If in Insert, Replace or Visual mode put a message on the last line

" Add ranger as a file chooser in vim Compatible with ranger 1.4.2 through 1.6.
" If you add this function and the key binding to the .vimrc, ranger can be
" started using the keybinding ",r".  Once you select a file by pressing
" enter, ranger will quit again and vim will open the selected file.
fun! RangerChooser()
    exec "silent !ranger-dk --choosefile=/tmp/chosenfile " . expand("%:p:h")
    if filereadable('/tmp/chosenfile')
        exec 'edit ' . system('cat /tmp/chosenfile')
        call system('rm /tmp/chosenfile')
"The keybinding is in my keymappings file-it's ,r
function! HTMLT()
    " path to the template file below
"keybinding in separate file is ,n
"below needed for lusty explorer to work
"show a buffers menu
set showcmd    " Show incomplete normal mode commands as I type.
set hidden

"Type \c to toggle highlighting of line and column you are on.
"The line below sets up custom colors but can just use default ones.
hi CursorColumn cterm=NONE ctermbg=darkred ctermfg=white guibg=darkred guifg=white
set cursorline
hi cursorline cterm=none term=none
autocmd WinEnter * setlocal cursorline
autocmd WinLeave * setlocal nocursorline
highlight CursorLine guibg=#303000 ctermbg=234

"turn blinking off for normal and visual mode
set guicursor+=n-v-c:blinkon0
highlight Cursor guifg=#ffffff guibg=#d86020
highlight iCursor guifg=#ffffff guibg=#AAFF00

"below to set an end of line character
set listchars=tab:▸\ ,eol:¬
set showbreak=↪

"highlight line when over 80 characters
highlight OverLength ctermbg=red ctermfg=white guibg=#592929
match OverLength /\%81v.\+/
"for Supertab
"autocmd FileType html let g:SuperTabDefaultCompletionType = "<c-x><c-o>"
" Read word documents-have installed antiword 
autocmd BufReadPre *.doc set ro
autocmd BufReadPre *.doc set hlsearch!
autocmd BufReadPost *.doc %!antiword "%"
"the 2 lines below are for vimwiki plugin to work properly
filetype plugin on
syntax on
"below 4 lines to show sytax highlighting for markdown files with either .mkd or .md extension
augroup mkd
autocmd BufRead *.mkd  set ai formatoptions=tcroqn2 comments=n:>
augroup END
au BufRead,BufNewFile *.md set filetype=markdown
" backup settings ====================================
set backup                  " keep a backup file
set backupdir=~/.vim/backup " backup dir
set noswapfile
"""""""""" VIMRC """""""""""""""""
au! BufWritePost .vimrc source %   " Reload vimrc when we edit it in vim and save it
"below is to mark end of word with $ to let you know you are in cw (change word mode)
set cpoptions+=$  "
" Make backspace work as usual.
set backspace=indent,eol,start "
set history=40    "40 lines of command history
set cmdheight=2   "set the command height
set wildmenu
set wildmode=list:longest " wildmode works great this way
set sc       "Show commands as you type them
"    Parentheses completion"--¬
inoremap (       ()<Left>
inoremap <expr>  ) strpart(getline('.'), col('.')-1, 1) == ")" ? "\<Right>" : ")"
inoremap [       []<Left>

"    Python "--¬
augroup ft_python
    au FileType python setlocal foldmethod=indent
augroup END
"Colorscheme-settings -------- {{{
"colorscheme DK-scheme - used to have it in separate file
"trying out new scheme below
colorscheme cobalt

set background=dark  " Use colors that are easier for dark backgrounds
:highlight Normal guibg=#363131 guifg=White
hi StatusLine      gui=none       guibg=#FFCC66  guifg=#000000
hi StatusLineNC    gui=none       guibg=#444444  guifg=#000000
""" Cursor """""""""
"hi Cursor       gui=NONE guifg=#ffffff guibg=#d86020
"hi lCursor      gui=NONE guifg=#ffffff guibg=#e000b0
"hi CursorIM     gui=NONE guifg=#ffffff guibg=#AAFF00
"hi iCursor      gui=NONE guifg=#ffffff guibg=#AAFF00
" highlight the status bar when in insert mode so that will have a better visual clue when using vim in terminal
au InsertEnter * hi StatusLine ctermfg=240 ctermbg=12
au InsertLeave * hi StatusLine ctermbg=235 ctermfg=2

"For popups like the background color of FuzzyFinder
hi PMenu guifg=#dddddd guibg=#423d35 guisp=#423d35 gui=NONE ctermfg=253 ctermbg=238 cterm=NONE
hi PMenuSbar guifg=NONE guibg=#848688 guisp=#848688 gui=NONE ctermfg=NONE ctermbg=102 cterm=NONE
hi PMenuSel guifg=#ffd700 guibg=#706070 guisp=#706070 gui=bold ctermfg=220 ctermbg=242 cterm=bold
hi PMenuThumb guifg=NONE guibg=#a4a5a8 guisp=#a4a5a8 gui=NONE ctermfg=NONE ctermbg=248 cterm=NONE
"line numbering
hi LineNr ctermfg=grey ctermbg=black guifg=#B0AEAE guibg=black 
"Set relative number on starup but can toggle it with below keybinding
set relativenumber


:au InsertEnter * hi Normal term=NONE    ctermbg=black     guifg=white"
:au InsertLeave * hi Normal term=NONE    ctermbg=black    guifg=white" 
" End of colour settings ------------------ }}}

" some new ones
"open the url on the current line must be full addres with http: at the front
" Evoke a web browser
function! Browser ()
  let line0 = getline (".")
  let line = matchstr (line0, "http[^ ]*")
  :if line==""
  let line = matchstr (line0, "ftp[^ ]*")
  :if line==""
  let line = matchstr (line0, "file[^ ]*")
  let line = escape (line, "#?&;|%")
  " echo line
  exec ":silent !firefox ".line
map <Leader>url :call Browser ()<CR>
set clipboard=unnamedplus  " use the clipboards of vim and win
" Save when losing focus
au FocusLost * :silent! wall
"put this in your vimrc
function! Chomp(str)
  return substitute(a:str, '\n$', '', '')

function! DmenuOpen(cmd)
  let fname = Chomp(system("ls | dmenu -i -l 20 -p " . a:cmd))
  if empty(fname)
  execute a:cmd . " " . fname

" use \ddt to open file in a new tab
" use \dde to open file in current buffer
map <leader>ddt :call DmenuOpen("tabe")<cr>
map <leader>dde :call DmenuOpen("e")<cr>
"CURSOR COLOUR When in terminal
" change the color of the cursor to white in command mode,and orange in insert mode
if &term =~ "xterm\\|rxvt"
  :silent !echo -ne "\033]12;white\007"
  let &t_SI = "\033]12;orange\007"
  let &t_EI = "\033]12;white\007"
  autocmd VimLeave * :!echo -ne "\033]12;white\007"

"	set guicursor=n-v-c:block-Cursor/lCursor,ve:ver35-Cursor,o:hor50-Cursor "
"	set guicursor+=i-ci:ver25-Cursor/lCursor,r-cr:hor20-Cursor/lCursor "
"	set guicursor+=sm:block-Cursor,a:blinkwait750-blinkoff750-blinkon750 "
" wrap like other editors
set wrap                " word wrap
set textwidth=0         " 
set lbr                 " line break
set display=lastline    " don't display @ with long paragraphs
set number"
set numberwidth=3"

""""" statusline  """""""""""""""""""""""""""""
if has('statusline')
set laststatus=2"
" Format the status line
"statusline: filepath, filetype, mod, rw, help, preview,   
set statusline=%f\ %y\ %m%r%h%w
"statusline: separation between left and right aligned items
set statusline+=%=
"Another one to try out
"	if has('statusline')
"        set laststatus=2
" Broken down into easily includeable segments
"        set statusline=%<%f\ " Filename
"        set statusline+=%w%h%m%r " Options
"        set statusline+=%{fugitive#statusline()} " Git Hotness
"        set statusline+=\ [%{&ff}/%Y] " Filetype
"        set statusline+=\ [%{getcwd()}] " Current dir
"        set statusline+=%=%-14.(%l,%c%V%)\ %p%% " Right aligned file nav info
"    endif
" ---------------------------
"So that the File, Open dialog defaults to the current file's directory. 
set browsedir=buffer
" text2tags syntax 
au BufNewFile,BufRead *.t2t set ft=txt2tags

Troll = not a fanatic
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#9 2015-06-15 15:04:22

Registered: 2012-05-11
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Re: Post your .vimrc

^ What drove you to using ranger instead of the vim netrw directory browser?

Tannhäuser ~ {www,pkg,ddl}{gitlog,repoidx}


#10 2015-06-15 18:08:03

Resident Bot
#! Die Hard
From: The Netherlands
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Re: Post your .vimrc

nothing really apart from the fact that I had ranger installed and thought I would try it but I usually use neither.

Troll = not a fanatic
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#11 2015-06-16 10:40:07

#! Red Menace
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Re: Post your .vimrc

I guess I'am ubernoob (/etc/vim/vimrc.local)

set number
syntax on
set ruler

and thinking about adding

:set tabstop=4 shiftwidth=4 expandtab

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