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#1 2013-08-12 06:02:23

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Job Search: random Job thread

I thought a thread about jobs if you know anything work related that someone else need, posting it in a common thread might be good.

I got one thing that a friend who works for a company in Northern Europe.
EDIT: som more info, his name is Björn and he used to run a company called Nindev which I think he sold... Now he's running a company called Eloso and I think they are the one looking for a programmer.

Wanted: Experienced node.js/angular (MongoDB) for exciting project with european start-up on behalf of a client. PM to me. Working language: English.

The job is in Berlin and if you're interested (or for that matter have the faintest clue what he's talking about, I don't) PM me and I'll make sure he gets your email addy and you get his.
Ok also I'd like to vouch for the guy - he's nice, a huge nerd and reliable. Somewhat "businessmanny" at times but not that much.


Oh about the thread: I started a fresh one just to avoid bumping something ancient.

EDIT: if anyone knows of any illustration work - don't keep it to yourself! I'm a freelancer so the more work the better.

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