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#1 2013-08-02 05:09:54

#! Die Hard
From: the internet
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Do you have a flattr subscription for crunchbang?

I just saw my monthly report again, showing me all the things i've flattr'd for the month, and all my subscriptions.

1 subscription, crunchbang, no other flattr buttons clicked in the month, crunchbang gets the lot again.  smile

I dont know how many of us it takes doing that before corenominal can afford the sandwiches, but it still feels good throwing in my part to say thanks for the crunchbang we've had until now, and to keep us having the crunchbang in the future (i hope).

Do you have a flattr subscription for crunchbang?

is it the only subscription you have?  do you often click the flattr button?

feels good using flattr, doesnt it?  smile


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#2 2013-08-04 21:33:49

#! Die Hard
From: Church of the Subgenius
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Re: Do you have a flattr subscription for crunchbang?

What's flattr? Rhetorical question, I know I could search.

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#3 2013-08-06 02:23:33

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Re: Do you have a flattr subscription for crunchbang?

essentially it's a way to give a monetary reward to all the websites you appreciate (that have joined the scheme). The clever trick is that you are totally in control of how much money you want to set aside for this. Say you allocate £5 every month to reward worthwhile websites  then you can flattr as many of them as you want and at the end of the month the £5 is split between them all.

If only crunchbang is flattr'd then all of the £5 goes to crunchbang, if it was one of four websites that month then they get a quarter each. Although I believe flattr do take a %.


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