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#1 2008-12-10 10:22:12

Bob Da Dawg!
From: Arkansas US
Registered: 2008-11-27
Posts: 192

Many thanks to Forum members

I've been using Crunchbang for about 2 weeks since it was posted on Distrowatch on 11/27. I just to say thanks to all the members here. It has pushed me to learn more of the  Linux core workings. Ubuntu/Gnome was getting boring to me. I've been watching what  other members are doing here. I got nautilus to work without taking over the desktop, so I could gui ssh to my file server. Edited my menu.xml with other programs I use (ie: Rubyripper, Dia & games).  Followng the thread on tint today, got my panel working the first time out. I feel comfortable that I can now edit just about anything I need to. On another note I got both my wife & niece's conky to autostart in Ubuntu.  I will be asking more questions from time to time.
Again Thanks! Dawg (Bob)

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#2 2008-12-10 10:42:59

#! wanderer
From: ~/
Registered: 2008-11-25
Posts: 5,131

Re: Many thanks to Forum members

It's a pleasure NWADawg smile Your contributions to the life of this forum are highly valued smile


#3 2008-12-11 09:24:36

From: Lincoln, UK
Registered: 2008-11-20
Posts: 5,131

Re: Many thanks to Forum members

Hello NWAdawg

I am really pleased that you have found the distribution to be such a positive experience. I am not sure if you are aware, but personally I do not really have any goals or ambitions for CrunchBang, other than to maybe encourage the odd person to experiment and learn a few tricks which they might not have done on a regular Ubuntu system. Knowing that this is happening is great! smile

Thank you for sharing your experiences with CrunchBang to date, it is really appreciated.

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