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#1 2012-10-06 17:04:48

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Disable Volume/ETC indicators [Waldorf]

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#2 2012-10-06 18:22:08

Bloated Gimp
From: interzone
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Re: Disable Volume/ETC indicators [Waldorf]

This is the package you are interested in:

Xfce4-notifyd is a simple, visually-appealing notification daemon for Xfce
that implements the Desktop Notifications Specification.

 * Themable using the GTK+ theming mechanism
 * Visually appealing: rounded corners, shaped windows
 * Supports transparency and fade effects

You can probably remove it. There used to a theming app for it of a very similar name, of sorts.

Edit: Removing it would also mean that you lost all notifications all together...and you may experience other problems.

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#3 2012-10-07 01:55:56

Internal Affairs
From: North Carolina
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Re: Disable Volume/ETC indicators [Waldorf]

Perhaps the version of volumeicon in Waldorf has a "show notifications" option similar to the one for nm-applet?

EDIT:  Not sure about the display brightness notifications...

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#4 2012-10-07 02:36:36

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Re: Disable Volume/ETC indicators [Waldorf]

I can live with them, esp the brightness as I'm not constantly setting it.

It's just abit ugly hmm


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