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#1 2012-09-30 15:37:26

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2 very serious bugs on the medias from the 27th

The medias from the 27th (like the ones from the 24th) have two very serious bugs.

1. Bug - only in live mode

This bug starts at the moment, when you press the two shift buttons to change the keyboard layout. What you don't see on the first view is - you nave have TWO graphical desktops!
On CTRL+ALT+7 is the original Crunchbang Desktop, still with US as keyboard layout and correct user rights, but on CTRL+ALT+8 - where the user with, let's say the german keyboard is, you have no user rights at all. You can't connect to another USB stick, mount your harddisk or setup WIFI / LAN to access the internet.
But if you (in my case accidently) switch to CTRL+ALT+7, voila - wrong keyboard (and so impossible in my case to setup my WLAN, because the needed keys for the password are unreachable), but the user rights are now working, so I had this time the chance to post screenshots of my misluck (from the last days ... I didn't found out, there was still the CTRL+ALT+7 desktop, where I could save screenshots, reach a terminal, etc.

2. Bug - and this one is much more serious
I have (and had) setup my laptop with a luks partition, so 256 MB for /boot - and the rest as a luks4 encrypted ext4 partition.
If you start the install mode, and access this partition ... the installer doesn't find the ext4 partition in the luks container, but even better, you didn't say yet anything to to with the partition, but the container is already not accessible anymore.
If just in that moment you stop installation, reboot (and still think, you're normal system is there, like it is with other live distors) ... you will feel helpless, because you're system is gone. The luks container is broken.
I tried the same with the actual debian livesystem ... and ... it didn't happen.
Whatever, setup again my system with the version from the 30th of april, updated everything - and got back my 140 GB backup, so I can post about this two bugs.

Sorry, for the long time, but I was searching the last days, what went wrong.

Here are my screenshots ...
This first one shows the CTRL+ALT+8 virtual graphic terminal

... and I just see, that the other screenshots aren't on the USB stick, even not after the system showed, it wrote them to the stick v.v

Anyway, Corenominal, I like Crunchbang and I guess, in you're next medias this bugs are gone ^.^

Please keep up you're good work!


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