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#1 2012-07-13 06:14:26

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[Solved] Window Images Leaving Traces on Background During Move..

The title was not a CrunchBang issue per se' ...
Using Wheezy with OpenBox I was having problems getting Conky to display with a Transparent Background.
So, I decided Crunchify my Wheezy a bit and added some cb scripts..
I had to install the xcompmgr package first.

cb-compmgr --xcompmgr -c &

from a terminal had the desired
But the after effects were as I moved (as an example) the x-terminal-emulator around the desktop the window would leave a trace image in the last location. The continued moving left 10s and 100s of Trace images.
Plus the desktop would not refresh.

Borrowing from the /home/sqlpython/.config/openbox/autostart  file..
I used both then alternately one of each of the below but the this did not help problem.
Finally I commented them out as below.. my Wheezy's /home/sqlpython/.config/openbox/autostart

##(sleep 10s && cb-compmgr --cairo-compmgr) &
##cb-compmgr --xcompmgr -c & 

.... The solution for me was to simply in place of the above two lines insert the line below.
...And now windows on the move behave Normally and the Conky is transparent...

xcompmgr -CcfF &

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