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#1 2012-04-20 11:22:06

From: Lyon, France
Registered: 2011-07-02
Posts: 18

So good to be back! Just a suggestion about keyboard layouts

Hi all,
After a 6 month long Arch break, I’m back on CrunchBang, and boy it feels great to be back!
I originally left to try the new GNOME 3.2 in Arch, and fooled around with it with different DEs and WMs.

I ran it at home and at work, until I kmail decided to perma crash on me.

Anyway I’m back and all is fine and everything, but I just wanted to submit a suggestion for next release.

In the installer, during the step where you pick your keyboard layout, you're only given a subset of the available keyboard layouts offered in Xorg. Unfortunately for me, my layout of choice (a Dvorak based keyboard for French called bepo or fr bepo) is not available in this subset.
It's only a matter of running

sudo dpkg-reconfigure keyboard-configuration

after the install, but it's inconvenient to get and plug a qwerty or azerty keyboard during the install just to type the username and the password.

I know the issue comes from Debian's installer, but Ubuntu's installer doesn't have this problem at all, and offers a lot more layouts during the install.

Is it something that can be addressed in next release?

Thanks for the great distribution!


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#2 2012-05-01 04:34:14

From: Salem, NH, US
Registered: 2012-04-29
Posts: 18

Re: So good to be back! Just a suggestion about keyboard layouts

Colemak user here. Similar complaint/recommendation.


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