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#1 Re: WM/DE Talk » 30 Window Managers in 30 days » 2014-10-26 09:00:19

Well hello there everybody big_smile I'm so glad that this thread is still going on. I have a question - I don't like WindowMaker very much but I do like some of it's dockapps, which I used in Vtwm alot, but... has anyone tried to use them in a tiling wm? I would love to use a tiler like Scrotwm or Herbstluft, so how would dockapps like, say WMspaceclock, Docker, WMmix and WMdrawer behave in there? Is there any way to reserve a fixed space for them where they reside unaffected by any window/tiling activities, kind of like the slit in Fluxbox or "AppletRegion" in Vtwm?

#2 Help & Support (Crunchbang 11 "Waldorf") » Home folder (and all subsequent folders) spontaneously lock up! » 2011-03-07 08:53:33

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So here's the thing I'm dealing with - I installed crunchbang, installed some programs (warsow, bristol, jack, etc) and after running them for a while, they begin to not start up anymore, as a matter of fact nothing wants to run when I try to run it as a regular user, but they work just fine when I run them as root (sudo). Then I happened to notice that ALL my personal folders in the home folder are locked. This happened before and my solution was to save all my important files to a usb stick and reinstall # again from scratch. I shouldn't have to do that  every time my home folder locks up. I tried to change the user permissions and groups to (username) but get the message that terminalrc can't be accessed because it's read-only. Any solutions to the problem, please?

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