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#1 Re: CrunchBang Talk » Is it time to drop the 700MiB CD Limit? » 2012-06-22 20:02:08

I think the small size and light resource footprint are the  most appealing parts of #!.  I just installed it on a dual-boot (#!/windows) netbook SSD.  So I've got 65 gigs total, and I managed to spare 7 for #!.  I like that it gives a lot for so little.  I get that the size of packages are out of corenomial's control, but I'm happy with the welcome script, and the option to leave out less necessary packages as needed.  I also like the menu items that offer to install other common programs.

On the other hand, there is a pretty solid out of the box experience with #! now. I don't know what I would recommend getting rid of, if more space needed to be made...For example, I might take out Abiword from the core install, but I imagine not being able to read documents after an install would turn some other people off.  Same issue with programs like vlc.  They are too useful to be left  out, so what gets left behind to make a 700mg install CD?

One thing that does concern me is the waldorf install right now doesn't seem to work on a flash least I needed to put it on a CD to get it to work.  I think making it only work on a DVD-R would be a problem.

#2 Re: Help & Support (Testing/Unstable) » Waldorf to USB for netbook installation » 2012-06-21 03:37:11

I had the same issue.  Wound up caving in and burning a CD...sorry I don't have any helpful tips.

#3 Re: Introductions » I'm back » 2012-06-20 21:21:44

thanks all for the warm welcomes.  I'm running waldorf now, and liking it.  Unfortunately my old tint2 and openbox config files don't seem to be working anymore, so I'll probably be tinkering a bit...which I like.

#5 Introductions » I'm back » 2012-06-20 06:54:09

Replies: 7

Hi all, I was frequently on here redesigning wallpapers and offering tint2/openbox help about a year ago, while procrastinating my dissertation...after a break from tinkering to get some work done, I'm back.  Looking forward to seeing what's new, and tweaking it all to my tastes!

#7 Re: Artwork & Screenshots » Omploader's screenshots get eliminated » 2011-05-16 17:44:55

I think Amazon's Cs3 servers were having some major problems recently and this has affected some major sites as well...I know their bigger clients were top priorities.  Omploader might have been one of the smaller sites affected, and therefore got the back seat.  Just a guess though.

#8 Re: Off Topic / General Chat » Vanillux » 2011-05-16 05:11:11

you guys may want to take a look at Bodhi linux, seems to have a similar goal (though they use E17 - which in my experience is really cool for about 2 hours, then I go back to another WM).  Bodhi's  nice and very fast, but a bit too minimal for my tastes, though it may offer a nice base to build on, or maybe some ideas.  Best of luck!

#9 Re: Off Topic / General Chat » How to explain Linux without sounding nerdy? » 2011-05-15 20:00:18

^it's a quote from Snowcrash, the story of a hacker / mafia pizza delivery man with a samurai sword and a girl with a skateboard.

#10 Re: Off Topic / General Chat » How to explain Linux without sounding nerdy? » 2011-05-14 17:47:39

@merelyjim love Neal Stephenson - Snowcrash is amazing!

#11 Re: Off Topic / General Chat » How to explain Linux without sounding nerdy? » 2011-05-13 19:46:13

Awesomefist - I'm not sure I follow your which way are Windows and Mac socialist/communists?  One common slogan for both of those movements is "From each according to his ability, to each according to his need." - that fits much better with linux than either MS or Mac.  Windows' slogan is closer to "From us because we're your only option, to you because you paid and if you don't want to pay, we'll make you pay."  Mac's slogan is probably closer to: "From us because it looks cool, it's easy to use and all your friends have it, to you because you've got the money to buy our OS, specialized software and special hardware."

I think it may be fair to say that Windows is a monopolist (which is sort of like a capitalist), and Mac are aspiring monopolists...Linux is probably closer to socialist in some respects and anarchist in others.

#12 Re: Introductions » I'm new! Isnt that great? » 2011-05-13 02:44:38

mmmm cludge butter.  Welcome aboard!

#14 Re: CrunchBang Talk » What do you do when you have it all set up? » 2011-05-12 21:00:39

it's hard to tell tone when it's text, but my guess is that no one is really casting blame here.  What anonymous says is correct though, I tend to look at most threads and if I know nothing about the topic, I'll keep moving.  This is as much to help the other person as it is convenient for me.  I love procrastinating by helping others solve problems but sometimes I'm scared I'll do more harm than good.  Still, I think rhowaldt's suggestion is a good one.  If you're trying to kill time, may as well spend the time to become enough of an expert to fix other people's problems.  You could also install Gentoo...

#16 Re: Help & Support (Crunchbang 11 "Waldorf") » Customized Crunchbang Install Media? » 2011-05-12 14:01:01

^ oh yeah, going that route, you could actually just make a custom command line that auto-removes the programs you don't want and installs the ones you do...

sudo apt-get autoremove ... ... ...
sudo apt-get install ... ... ...

alternatively, synaptic has some options under file> save markings and read markings...
you can make all your changes in one session of synaptic, save them apply them then copy that save file over to the other comps and read it...then apply changes again.

#17 Re: Help & Support (Crunchbang 11 "Waldorf") » Customized Crunchbang Install Media? » 2011-05-12 13:14:33

easiest way would be to image your drive then copy that image to the other drives...not sure how well this works with multiple different computers, anyone?

Another option could be SUSEStudio, it lets you design a complete distro then download it as an iso.  The interface is very simple and straightforward, though if you don't have time to learn the debian live stuff, this might not be a good match.

#18 Re: Off Topic / General Chat » tablet-pc and #! » 2011-05-12 12:58:11

check out the lenovo tab I linked to earlier...that way you've always got the keyboard as an option.  I think HP makes one that has a docking station to use it as a regular laptop, then converts into a tablet by pulling it out.

#19 Re: Off Topic / General Chat » Microsoft's phone bill » 2011-05-12 04:46:10

Ms Messenger?  Kidding of course, though I heard you can use their video chat with third party software...not advocating it.

I like Google voice/video.  It integrates with pidgin as well.  There's a bunch of random smaller scale stuff as well.  Oh if you want completely open source, you might want to play around with something like Big Blue Button.

#20 Re: Off Topic / General Chat » tablet-pc and #! » 2011-05-12 03:13:30

openbox is  very customizable, you could probably code your own mouse gestures for multi-touch if you were up for it.  AMight take some thinking out of the box though, and this would almost certainly be much easier with ubuntu.  You might also try Xfce with a few minor customizations.  I've actually heard that gnome 3 might be really nice on a tablet, so something to consider.

Also Moblin / Meego and jolicloud have nice UIs for a tablet...though Moblin / Meego still feel like betas.  There''s also a version of Meego built on opensuse called Smeegol.  It seemed a bit rough when I tried it about a year ago, but it might be solid now.

#21 Re: Off Topic / General Chat » How to explain Linux without sounding nerdy? » 2011-05-12 02:17:18

tranche, which version of the DSM are you referring to?  I'm in grad school for clinical psych, and many of those terms haven't been used in at least 30 years.

#22 Re: CrunchBang Talk » What do you do when you have it all set up? » 2011-05-12 00:44:57

try Xubuntu 11.04  on that flash drive...way better than either of those.

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