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#1 Re: Ideas & Suggestions » Pulse or Alsa/Jack in BunsenLabs » 2015-04-05 22:15:45

fixme if I'm wrong, but I think some applications like Skype require that you have PulseAudio installed.

#2 Re: Ideas & Suggestions » Should there be a music player in Hydrogen? » 2015-04-05 22:13:12

On the live CD there should be a simple GUI tool to open the 15-20 most common file formats. I'm not sure about the order, but .mp3 and .avi are surely on the list as well as .pdf and .doc - therefore Hydrogene live CD should include mupdf and abiword too. If it's possible.

#3 Re: Ideas & Suggestions » Should there be a music player in Hydrogen? » 2015-04-01 03:05:29

If any, I'm for Audacious. VLC and I are not good friends recently, mostly because of playlists.

There is a great wow!-factor in Audacious for novice "nixers" (copyright CBiz), cause it can look totally like Winamp which is the default choice of millions of people on Windows. It's kind of ugly, but users are emotionally attached to it, I believe. big_smile

Seriously: I know a bunch of neckbeards who have an orgasm every time they see that someone else is also using Winamp... or at least something that looks like Winamp.

#4 Re: Development » BunsenLabs Development Team and current status » 2015-04-01 02:45:59

I've been using Netsurf for a while, it's promising and being developed quickly... but it crashes on many websites without even opening anything, just like that. And not even randomly: there are a few sites that you can never open, ever. You type in the address, hit the Enter key and say bye-bye to shiny Netsurf window with all the shiny open tabs.

#5 Re: Ideas & Suggestions » BunsenLabs should be init agnostic » 2015-03-27 02:51:42

IMHO you could even put that other line in the exit script, just commented out. That way a potential tweaker who replaces systemd with whatever-they-prefer-instead has to delete one # an put another one somewhere else.

#7 Re: Off Topic / General Chat » Linux Foundation Begins Clampdown on Torvalds? » 2015-03-17 18:39:24

More correctly: Linus is a Swedish guy who was born in Finland. Not that it makes much of a difference regarding his style, but it's a fact that some people don't know or tend to ignore. I also belong to an ethnic minority, maybe that's why I'm more sensitive regarding these issues. smile

#8 Re: Tips, Tricks & Scripts » The dwb browser thread » 2015-03-14 02:49:38

I've just read on Arch Wiki that dwb is now unmaintained. sad

#9 Re: News & Announcements » The end. » 2015-03-13 08:20:43

tux_drummer wrote:
damo wrote:

Because the developer didn't want it to continue..

lolwut.. what's the point in open source tech then? Imagine if Linus got bored one day and decided to call the whole thing off. That really doesn't make any sensible sense to me..

You seem to mix up two things: the source code and the name of the project. Of course Linux kernel continued to be developed even after Linus stepped down. But if he explicitly asked the developers not to call it Linux any more... I'm sure they would respect that too. Let's say Linux is called Tux from tomorrow. Does that change anything apart from causing some confusion for a couple of weeks? Nope.

#10 Re: Ideas & Suggestions » Why not continue... » 2015-03-10 05:40:40

kenizl86 wrote:

This may be a n00b question, but why can't we just pick up where the creator left off? Since this (#!) is an open-source project, shouldn't the community be able to just pick up where he left off? Why fork #! into different projects when you could use the same, simple, beautiful formula already in place? Maybe I'm wrong and this can't be accomplished, but I guess I don't understand why #! can't go on living without it's original creator? Personally #! was the only Linux distro I actually loved. All the other ones had waaaaaaaayyyy too much clutter (what with the clunky DEs), and were way too.... un-simplistic? I don't know what it is, but whatever it was #! had it for me!

On a separate note, since BunsenLabs isn't up and #!++ is in Beta, I've decided to stoically continue using #!, but I'm not sure what exactly needs to be done to it to yank a few more months out of it. What repos need updating and such to keep it stable?

Debian Wheezy (the base of Waldorf) is still the stable release. What's more, it will be supported for quite some time even after Jessie is released as the new stable and Wheezy becomes old-stable. Of course the packages in it become stale, but nobody restricts you to upgrade to Jessie any time, maybe even today. Backup your important data, modify the sources.list (check the forums) and give it a good dist-upgrade. Simple, doesn't hurt. After all, it's Linux, not Hurd... wink

#11 Re: Off Topic / General Chat » Chromium/Google Chrome to drop support for Debian Jessie/Linux <=3.16 » 2015-03-10 04:42:59

pvsage wrote:

Only one outstanding bug for Netsurf in Jessie: … st=testing

Nope, more:

pvsage wrote:

"How the heck do I even open a URL - do I have to write a config file myself just to access the interwebz?"

Haha, that's Surf, not Netsurf. Surf is from the same group that develops dwm, it uses Webkit. On the other hand the development of Netsurf started like 15 years ago or something like that, it's pretty old. Works out of the box, no configuration needed. Bugs are squashed down fairly quickly, yet there are still too many lethal ones.

pvsage wrote:

If user doesn't stick around enough to keep it, user won't file bug report.

That's true. I've been using it as a secondary browser on a daily basis for quite some time (you know, when you just want to search for packages or check the news quickly, no need to fire with Webkit), I have filed a handful of ugly beetles, some of them were resolved relatively quickly, some of them are still biting around.

#12 Re: Off Topic / General Chat » Chromium/Google Chrome to drop support for Debian Jessie/Linux <=3.16 » 2015-03-09 21:36:05

pvsage wrote:

^ Segfaults, freezes, broken java, crashes, fails to restore tabs after know, the usual for Midori. … st=testing

Okay, that's not that very uncommon.

Don't misunderstand me, bugs are serious things to be concerned about. But it's not a nuclear reactor for God's sake, it's just a browser. Let it crash sometimes. In other words: it's up to the end-user's decision what kind of errors they can tolerate. Not in the system but in userland applications of course.

If Midori is kicked out from Jessie, why do we still have for example the good old Netsurf? That's still a solid little browser with its unique layout engine that eats around one-third as much memory as Webkit does. Many things work extremely nice in it and of course, it's full of bugs. I think it crashes more frequently than Midori does. So what's the policy now? Throwing out everything or just some? If only the Webkit-based ones, than why not uzbl too? It also has it's own bugs (by the way it uses more RAM than Chromium, while it's advertised as lightweight).

#14 Re: Ideas & Suggestions » Lockscreen for BunsenLabs » 2015-03-07 05:09:57

xinit with its startx command seems to be far more Bunsen-ish. No DM is needed (additional bloat) and there could be a pipemenu that brings up the config file where some window managers other than Openbox would already be written, commented out. In this case replacing the WM works by just placing the # in front of the line for Openbox and deleting it from somewhere else. Easy and neat. Keeps RAM usage at the lowest compared to all the DM-s.

#16 Re: Help & Support (Other) » How to set a home page in Surf? [let's say it's SOLVED] » 2015-02-26 22:51:31

Thanks for the replies, I still use the shellscript workaround and I have already figured out how to put it on dmenu since then. Sorry, I forgot to edit my original post. Maybe a mod can make it now: [partially solved].

#17 Re: WM/DE Talk » Do you tile or stack? And why? » 2015-02-25 05:31:09

What you do is perfectly do-able in i3 too. Pop-up windows would still stack on the top.

#19 Re: Ideas & Suggestions » BunsenLabs logo - ideas » 2015-02-19 02:30:03

I don't like number 9 and 10, because the flame is photo-realistic and a good logo should never be. Long time ago in the high school my visual arts teacher said good logos (and also good coats of arms) work in any monochrome format, even stencilled on a wall, while bad ones rarely do and it's usually because of the photo-realistic approach.

I vote for number 8, it's very nice.

#20 Help & Support (Other) » How to set a home page in Surf? [let's say it's SOLVED] » 2015-02-19 02:12:44

Replies: 6

Hello, everyone!

Just a small random question: I have been looking for the option to set a custom home page in Surf browser, but I can't find it anywhere. Of course I tried and other online docs, nothing is relevant so far. Maybe it's not even possible? (Note that I'm using Wheezy now and Surf was installed as a Wheezy package from Debian repo.)

There is a workaround for my problem: I created a shell script that makes Surf open the exact (offline) HTML document that I want to set as my home page. However, dmenu still does not want to recognize this shell script -- even if I put it's directory in my .bashrc -- and the plain surf command starts a completely blank browser. It's a pain in the ass to open the browser from the terminal or the file manager. I would like it to work right from dmenu. (I started using dwm, so there is no Openbox menu currently.)

Thx in advance.

Edit: I copied my script into /bin and dmenu is now able to see it.

#21 Re: Off Topic / General Chat » Looks Like Someone's Beat the Community in Pushing Out a #! Successor » 2015-02-15 21:58:58


I can no longer follow the different spin-off efforts, not to mention the different names: Bunsen (Labs), Wally and now #!++ all discussed in like 5 different threads here.

Okay, I'll use anything that comes out and resembles Crunchbang, that's for sure. But I find it a bit dissappointing that so many wannabe-successors have been created over the past days. Especially when some things were already settled more or less. Like the name.

Why did we choose Bunsen together and even created some logos and other artwork if now there is even a domain registrated for something else? Will it mean that #!++ is a one-man-show again?

I'm really fed up, so I think I'll stop checking this site for a couple of weeks. Hopefully it will be a bit less confusing to me when I come back.

#22 Re: Development » Wally - a Waldorf replica on a Jessie netinstall » 2015-02-14 18:00:49

Why was it important for you to make the script now, when it's not entirely sure what exact steps we need to create "Wally"? In other words: a script should be written when we already have the final, desired outcome without any script.

#23 Re: Development » Wally - a Waldorf replica on a Jessie netinstall » 2015-02-12 22:39:45

As far as I understood, there are at least two distinctive approaches out there:

1. To preserve Waldorf as it is, but on a Jessie base (and not on the upgraded, Wheezy-made Jessie, but the real one), adapted to a purely Debian system, esthetically resembling Crunchbang and keeping its values with minimal change. This is called Wally.
2. To design a totally new thing that is meant to be the successor of Waldorf, again on purely Debian (Jessie or Sid or both, maybe even siduction and whatnot) base, keeping some of the Crunchbang goodies, possibly mixing with other goodies and eventually creating a new distro that is "like a fork of Crunchbang" - when it actually isn't, but it appears to be. This approach is currently called Bunsen or BunsenLabs.

Now, it would be perfect to somehow re-organize the sub-sections of the forums. I know it's not my duty and I don't want to sound like giving orders to the moderators. But it would certainly be good to divide these approaches clearly. I would rename the "devel:Janice" section to "Development ideas" in which there could be a new sticky thread: "Waldorf on Jessie", dealing with Wally and how to achieve its goals. On the other hand the BunsenLabs threads (it will eventually have many threads, like an own mini-forum) should be at the end of the main Forums page, separated from Crunchbang development. That Bunsen Forum could serve as an area for working together on this new distro, at least until Bunsen gets its own place on the Internet, if it ever happens. Of course, some sticky readme should explain the whole situation to newcomers, urging them to put requests and ideas not there, where the actual development is done, but to the above mentioned "ideas" section.

I would like to see these two approaches not being mixed up, even though users may request features that can be implemented in both.

No offense, these are just my thoughts that seem to me fairly logical at the moment. Maybe they aren't.

#24 Re: Feedback & Suggestions » The End ... The Beginning ... And THE NEW NAME » 2015-02-12 16:02:29

I/O Linux = 4 syllables
Bunsen Labs = 3 syllables

(just to show, that it's not long at all)

#25 Re: Feedback & Suggestions » The End ... The Beginning ... And THE NEW NAME » 2015-02-12 15:57:55


And if it's Bunsen LABS or Whatever LABS, then the Erlenmeyer flask (triangular thing) is enough without depicting the actual Bunsen burner that looks like a candle anyways and everybody knows what Bunsen means.

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