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#1 Re: Development » [RELEASE] BunsenLabs 8.2 (Hydrogen) RC1 Live ISOs » 2015-09-13 12:15:25


Thank you very much for the comprehensive answer! I will give it a try,

EDIT: Success, testing already smile

#2 Re: Development » [RELEASE] BunsenLabs 8.2 (Hydrogen) RC1 Live ISOs » 2015-09-13 10:49:16

First, thank you very much for the distro!

I am trying to install the RC1 on USB flash drive but the installer doesn't seem to support UEFI (it works only in legacy mode).
I was trying to install it via Debian netinstall but I have some problems with wifi drivers and no lan available.

When I try to make bootable USB with Rufus for MBR Partition scheme for UEFI, I am getting: "When using UEFI Target Type, only EFI bootable ISO image are supported. Please select an EFI bootable ISO or set the Target Type to BIOS"

Is there going to be a version with UEFI support in the nearest future?

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