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#2 Re: Off Topic / General Chat » Looks Like Someone's Beat the Community in Pushing Out a #! Successor » 2015-02-16 16:54:16

spacex wrote:

And have no doubt, that's calculated. It's not done in love and admiration.

Yes, he was a bit too eager to buy the domain (he said he couldn't find corenominal's statement about the name, and neither could I) and the artwork has the potential of being offensive (although, it's probably made in best of intentions), but, dude, you've registered just a month ago, and you're already trying to impose your schizophrenic paranoia of strangerson on others? You are the only person overreacting and "jumping in panic" here.

Your technical suggestions are perfectly fine and the right way to do stuff like this (netinstall, then wget the script) but overzealously attacking someone, calling him a calculated gravedigger? Your social tact is bonkers. You have some issues you need to resolve with yourself before you engage with other people.

@spacex, well said

Great perspective @spacex!

@spacex  I have to agree with you.

LOLWUT?! I guess a community gets what it deserves, right? I'm just a passer-by who felt the need to register only to point out a toxic person.

Good riddance.  {)

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