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#2 Re: Off Topic / General Chat » Happy holidays! » 2014-12-24 15:46:51

big_smile Happy Holidays to one and all & huge thanks to everyone involved for making this forum so good  big_smile

#3 Re: Artwork & Screenshots » art-work (wallpaper- my paint)free » 2014-12-22 18:09:34

You have some beautiful artwork there ONEr  tongue

Thank you for sharing  smile

#4 Re: Help & Support (Crunchbang 11 "Waldorf") » Partition table has a mind of its own? » 2014-12-17 10:19:37

^ That is exactly what I'm doing  smile The old ssd is in my old testing/experimental laptop & running fine at the moment. (In fact it's improved the performance of the old lappy hugely.)

Time will tell...

#5 Re: Help & Support (Crunchbang 11 "Waldorf") » Partition table has a mind of its own? » 2014-12-16 13:19:01

lol Head_on_a_Stick is usually right. (Bell, book and candle at the ready though, just in case...)

#6 Re: Help & Support (Crunchbang 11 "Waldorf") » Partition table has a mind of its own? » 2014-12-16 12:51:22

Update (Does anyone care? Probably not 8.( ): New ssd fitted, clean install of #!; we'll see what happens...

#7 Re: Artwork & Screenshots » December 2014 Screenshot Thread » 2014-12-16 12:45:34

Thought I'd play around with a suspected faulty ssd in my old laptop. That boots pretty quick then lol


#9 Re: Off Topic / General Chat » Distro-hoppers Anonymous » 2014-12-11 18:02:03

^ If previous versions are anything to go by, it'll be a fine ride!  cool

#10 Re: Off Topic / General Chat » Distro-hoppers Anonymous » 2014-12-11 17:56:39

@chameleon - Stunning shots (as ever).
Looking forward to giving this one a spin (downloading now...).

#11 Re: Artwork & Screenshots » Yet Another Dark Theme (With Much Thanks Attached) » 2014-12-09 15:07:15

Hey Mike, thank you for creating this theme; I'm just giving it a spin now - looking gooooooood cool

Nothing wrong with the tabs in Iceweasel - I like it, sort of like a bit of frosting to contrast the dark  smile

#12 Re: Off Topic / General Chat » Janice? » 2014-12-01 21:17:59

^^ As good a reason for a pre-Xmas drink as I can think of...  tongue

#13 Re: Help & Support (Crunchbang 11 "Waldorf") » [Solved] Taskbar on the Bottom Not Working Properly » 2014-11-29 18:14:27

Not openbox restart - tint2 Restart should do it...

Edit: Menu->Settings->tint2->Restart tint2

#15 Re: CrunchBang Talk » Do you use CrunchBang? » 2014-11-29 12:10:33

I use CrunchBang
[x] original source.list (with possible additions)
[] with original source.list edited to use testing (with possible additions, less waldorf repos)
[x] with original source.list edited to use sid (with possible additions, less waldorf repos) [on a different machine] *

CrunchBang is my:
[] only system
[x] primary - more than one computer *
[] not my primary - dual boots

* Sorry for tampering with the list, it is gpl I hope?  smile

#16 Re: Help & Support (Crunchbang 11 "Waldorf") » [SOLVED] 3TB hd showing as 746,5GB in Gparted » 2014-11-26 13:14:11

Perhaps this might be a solution for you? (The picture shown with a disk inserted shows the disk to be 4Tb...)

#19 Re: Help & Support (Crunchbang 11 "Waldorf") » How to start up into Crunchbang properly [SOLVED] » 2014-11-18 15:58:45

It's nothing in the autostart file; that is Openbox's start-up config.
I'm not on my #! machine at the moment so can't remember exactly, but you may just need to look at /etc/slim.conf for a line that starts sessions : the first entry there is the default login, so openbox-session should appear first.

#21 Re: Help & Support (Crunchbang 11 "Waldorf") » Using Crunchbang with i3 - how to change between WMs? Other Login? » 2014-11-15 15:00:45

Edit /etc/slim.conf: find the line that says sessions      openbox-session and add ,i3 (no spaces, as per the example in the line above it), then you can switch between them at login by using F1.

#22 Re: Off Topic / General Chat » What are you listening to right now ? » 2014-11-13 21:46:38

^ Yep, FNM and Floyd recently on the playlist ^ (Easy is a great cover imho)

Current listen: Lola Colt - Vacant Hearts

#23 Re: Help & Support (Testing/Unstable) » Changing to Jessie B2 -- just 2C » 2014-11-12 21:55:33

My understanding was that if your sources refer to 'testing' you roll with the testing branch; if they refer to 'jessie' you will eventually migrate to stable when jessie becomes, er, stable...
Likewise if your sources point to sid, you stay on unstable forever (or until you break it).
Or doesn't it work like that?

#24 Re: Help & Support (Crunchbang 11 "Waldorf") » Odd Terminal Messages? » 2014-11-08 17:18:32

Dazed and confused, but trying to continue

Should be my signature...  lol

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