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#1 Re: News & Announcements » The end. » 2015-02-06 14:38:35

A sad day, but I have to agree with you.
I recently took the plunge to using Linux, and after trying many distros, Crunchbang was the one which did what I wanted, ran acceptably on all my devices, and never displayed any weird bugs, which appears to be quite a singular achievement in the world of small distros.
However when it came to install Linux on a new laptop, I realised that my best option was Sid configured very similarly to #!.
I think you're right in that Debian can cater for all us #!er's needs, and think maybe #! could live on as a simple script/tutorial/community for building a nifty lightweight desktop from Debian netinst, without needing its own installer or repository.

#2 Re: Help & Support (Testing/Unstable) » Networking service is by far the slowest service during boot. » 2015-01-04 15:40:14

I had this problem with network-manager and systemd. I suppose it may have been a result of dodgy configuration, but my solution was to replace NM with connman, which is lightning-fast on boot and more reliable at reestablishing connection on wakeup.

#3 Re: WM/DE Talk » anybody using LXQt? » 2014-11-27 08:26:27

I've installed a few of the components as qt5 alternatives, just because they're there really. They all work fine, and I look forward to increased polish and more DE components being updated to qt5, but I'm not a DE guy, and found LXQt's default setup frustrating when I tried installing the meta-package.

#4 Re: Off Topic / General Chat » Distro-hoppers Anonymous » 2014-05-27 18:54:47

First post here. I've been loving Crunchbang running on Sid for the past few months, but when I ballsed something up I decided to try a dedicated Sid distro, assuming it would be less faff to get running.

First I install LinuxBBQ's Sidbang, but got frustrated with their modifications to fit their *nix "philosophy", and felt it wasn't in the true spirit of Crunchbang (Just Work, and stay out of the way, while allowing for complete customisability).
Then tried Siduction LXQt, but I prefer vanilla openbox. However it'll be great when the various Qt components are mature enough to play with as a replacement to Crunchbang's GTK+ setup.
Next up was Semplice, which in theory is right up my alley, but I still didn't feel at home. It really annoyed me that every action seems to have an "are you sure?" nanny dialogue.
Finally, I'm back on Crunchbang upgraded to Sid, and I'm here to stay.

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