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#1 Re: Tips, Tricks & Scripts » My tint2 config » 2015-04-22 21:54:54

Thanks again guys, however I was actually able to grab a default #! config for tint2 and it looks like it used gsimplecal

clock_lclick_command = gsimplecal
clock_rclick_command = gsimplecal

Thanks though!  smile

#2 Re: Tips, Tricks & Scripts » My tint2 config » 2015-04-22 20:07:15


One last thing since I got you here and you seem pretty knowledgable with the taskbar...  smile

One thing I liked when I was running Crunchbang that no longer works on Linux Mint is that in my taskbar where the date / time is at, I used to be able to click on that and it would open a mini-calendar. Is that a configuration within tint2 or is that something completely different?

#3 Re: Tips, Tricks & Scripts » My tint2 config » 2015-04-22 18:28:24


Thank you so much, bud. It appears that the notification / attention is indeed working. I tested it out with wmctrl and it worked fine. I'm not quite sure why Pidgin is not wanting to cooperate, but that is another problem itself that I will have to look into. Again though, your help is much appreciated!

Edit: Oh my gosh. Pidgin requires an additional plugin to be installed just for notifications. Ugh. Oh well, problem solved hah.

#4 Re: Tips, Tricks & Scripts » My tint2 config » 2015-04-22 17:06:21

ov wrote:


First you need to define a background, here is what I use (orange):

#4 urgent window
rounded = 5
border_width = 0
background_color = #ba5d00 100
border_color = #999999 100

Then in the task section:

urgent_nb_of_blink = 100000
task_urgent_background_id = 4

There must be an issue with my tint2 because I've tried the above configuration, as well as reverted back to the default, and I still get no type of flashing colors on notification windows (e.g. when someone sends me a message in the background).

Is tint2 dependent upon any other software I may need to install? I am running this on Linux Mint, not Crunchbang. But I'm posting here because this has the biggest amount of support for tint2.

#5 Re: Tips, Tricks & Scripts » My tint2 config » 2015-03-18 16:38:15

Hey guys. I pulled a config from here - unfortunately I do not recall who posted it and couldn't find it after skimming.

Anyway my question is, what exactly do I need to change in the config file to make the things in my taskbar flash? An example would be, I have Pidgin running and I have an IM window up. When someone messages me, usually when I don't even have that window in the foreground, it will still flash on the taskbar letting me know someone sent me a message. However, whatever config I have now doesn't do that. So which option in the config file needs to be changed for that?

Thanks in advance!

#6 Re: Help & Support (Crunchbang 11 "Waldorf") » My tint2 Getting Squished » 2014-12-31 15:19:33

olegabrielz wrote:

Change it to 40 and you'll see wink

Fixes what? The shrinking of the panel or the migration (or both)?

Unfortunately changing the value to 40 did not seem to resolve the problem (though I do see now what the value defines!). And when I say "fixes" it, I meant it fixes both.

pvsage wrote:

Both monitors may be helpful, but I was thinking just something similar to the one you posted above, only with Desktop 2 active.  My theory is there's some process that's eating up real estate in your systray, and the shading of Desktop 2 in tint2 will show us just how much is being eaten.

Here is a screenshot of my entire two monitor's tint2. As you can see, on the left screen (which is not set as the primary) has the 1/2 Desktop line pushed to the left side. Also the little "bell" icon is Chrome Notifications - however I don't think this is the issue as the bar will tend to migrate when I have no notifications.

#7 Re: Help & Support (Crunchbang 11 "Waldorf") » My tint2 Getting Squished » 2014-12-29 23:34:17

pvsage wrote:

@oinkerz:  This sounds familiar; I have a theory.  Could you post a screenshot with Desktop 2 active?  That will help narrow things down.

When you say post a screenshot, do you mean a screenshot of my entire desktop including both monitors?

#8 Re: Help & Support (Crunchbang 11 "Waldorf") » My tint2 Getting Squished » 2014-12-29 23:33:10

What exactly is that "30" value so I know what I should try changing it to? I should also note that simply restarting tint2 fixes it temporarily.

#9 Help & Support (Crunchbang 11 "Waldorf") » My tint2 Getting Squished » 2014-12-29 22:34:15

Replies: 9

For some reason, over a period of time, my tint2 bar keeps getting more and more squished. Also the center divider between for screens 1 and 2 keeps migrating over to the left. This only happens on one of my two monitors. Any ideas what's going on?


#10 Re: Help & Support (Crunchbang 11 "Waldorf") » Cannot find eth0 in ifconfig » 2014-11-13 19:24:22

I apologize for resurrecting an old thread, but I didn't want to clutter the board with the same question.

I don't see that this was ever solved, but I have the exact same problem that dipankar has. I have no eth0 interface, even when doing ifconfig -a. Wireless works fine though.

My lspci -v | grep Ether output is the exact same thing he has too:

03:00.0 Ethernet controller: Atheros Communications Inc. Device 10a0 (rev 10)

Does anyone happen to have any input?

OS: Deb Wheezy

#11 Re: Help & Support (Crunchbang 11 "Waldorf") » Google Chrome 38.0.2125.104-1 » 2014-10-16 22:37:38

damo wrote:
oinkerz wrote:

Excuse my ignorance, but what is this install-script that is being referred to?

I think it refers to the "Install Chromium Browser" menu item in the main menu" Network" pipemenu

Bah, I removed that from my menu. Do you happen to know its location?

#12 Re: Help & Support (Crunchbang 11 "Waldorf") » Google Chrome 38.0.2125.104-1 » 2014-10-16 22:09:40

Excuse my ignorance, but what is this install-script that is being referred to?

#13 Re: Help & Support (Crunchbang 11 "Waldorf") » Adobe Flash Player in Chromium » 2014-10-16 21:43:17

Hah, thanks to you both! I've got PepperFlash installed. I will do some research into that discussion and if I figure out a solution/fix for my original Flash problem, I'll report back. Thanks again!

#14 Re: Help & Support (Crunchbang 11 "Waldorf") » Adobe Flash Player in Chromium » 2014-10-16 21:11:22

damo wrote:

Have you read the recent posts about problems with chrome/chromium? Eg here

Thanks for pointing me in that direction. I've found the discussion on about it and all the entries seem very helpful.

However they all refer to having the PepperFlashPlayer installed, which I cannot seem to do.

I have followed these instructions:

As well as added the backports to my sources:

## Debian Backports
deb wheezy-backports main non-free

And ran

apt-get update

However when I try to install the plugin, I get the following;

root@utopia:~# apt-get install pepperflashplugin-nonfree
Reading package lists... Done
Building dependency tree       
Reading state information... Done
E: Unable to locate package pepperflashplugin-nonfree

Any idea what I am doing wrong?

#15 Help & Support (Crunchbang 11 "Waldorf") » Adobe Flash Player in Chromium » 2014-10-16 19:38:08

Replies: 6

Hi guys. I recently updated my Chromium to the most recent stable version:

Version 37.0.2062.120 Built on Debian 7.6, running on Debian 7.5 (281580) (64-bit)

Prior to upgrading, Adobe Flash Player worked fine in my browser, but something with the update has unfortunately broken it. Whenever attempting to view media embedded in Flash, I see the "Please install Adobe Flash Player" message.

I attempted to install PepperFlashPlayer but for some reason could not get it to install (I added the source to my list, ran the update, and it still couldn't find the package) so I'm wondering if there are any alternatives or if someone could help me out in any way possible?

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

DISTRIB_DESCRIPTION="CrunchBang 11 waldorf"

#16 Re: Help & Support (Crunchbang 11 "Waldorf") » VPS - vncviewer Issue » 2014-01-21 23:59:29

I tried that, however it seems that option doesn't exist. Where do you see -FullColor in the man page? I don't see it on my man page or the online man pages.

I attempted to use -bgr but that gave me the same result.

#17 Help & Support (Crunchbang 11 "Waldorf") » VPS - vncviewer Issue » 2014-01-14 18:03:08

Replies: 3

Hey guys. This isn't really a CrunchBang problem as I'm fairly certain it's just the fact I'm running it on a VPS. But I'm still hoping someone might have some insight on what I can do to solve the problem.

Basically I'm just trying to VNC to other servers from my VPS where I have CrunchBang installed. But when I attempt to VNC to any server, whether it's a server with an actual desktop interface or if it's just a CLI server, I get this error:

VNC server default format:
32 bits per pixel.
Least significant byte first in each pixel
True colour: max red 255 green 255 blue 255, shift red 16 green 8 blue 0
Can't cope with 24 bits-per-pixel

I did a bit of Googling and it seems as though as it's simple as what it says, my VPS is not running at a high enough bits-per-pixel. What I was wondering, is this something that is set on my VPS or can I change this somehow in the display configuration in CrunchBang on my VPS?

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

#18 Re: Help & Support (Crunchbang 11 "Waldorf") » CrunchBang on VPS - No Internet » 2014-01-07 22:38:28

Found the solution to the problem.

Turns out there's a slight, bug if you will, with running Debian and Xen.

I had to navigate to /boot/grub/ and edit the grub.cfg file.

There is a line that looks similar to this:

linux	/boot/vmlinuz-3.2.0-4-686-pae root=UUID=xxx-xxx-xxx-xxx	ro	quiet

I added this bit of code onto the end:


So it looks like this:

linux	/boot/vmlinuz-3.2.0-4-686-pae root=UUID=xxx-xxx-xxx-xxx	ro	quiet	xen_emul_unplug=never

Hope this helps anyone who runs into a similar situation.

#19 Re: Help & Support (Crunchbang 11 "Waldorf") » CrunchBang on VPS - No Internet » 2014-01-07 21:13:34

Hi dot|not, thanks for the reply. I'm 99% sure they run xen. And here is my ifconfig -a output:


Edit: also lspci shows no network/ethernet controller

#20 Help & Support (Crunchbang 11 "Waldorf") » CrunchBang on VPS - No Internet » 2014-01-07 18:05:23

Replies: 4

Hey guys, I rented out a VPS just to throw a lightweight linux distro such as crunchbang on. I know that's not ideal, but just go with it  big_smile

Basically I have a VPS using a e1000 virtual NIC, however when I boot up #! it just says that both wired networks (eth0/eth1) are "disconnected" and that's it. I'm not sure what really to try and do to fix this.

I installed the #! 32-bit Waldorf for Modern PCs (crunchbang-11-20130506-i686.iso)

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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