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#1 Off Topic / General Chat » what now » 2015-02-24 02:14:44

Replies: 3

so now that cb is dead what will i use now
is bunsen labs linux going to be like cb
what will hapen to to crunchbang
when will bunsen be ready (eta)

sad to see cb die : (

#2 Re: Off Topic / General Chat » new pc buisness » 2014-11-11 13:51:48

so far I've made about 200 bucks
also I've gave some away to poorer families (in the town)

#3 Re: Off Topic / General Chat » new pc buisness » 2014-11-03 20:37:11

the codes are referbishers codes sorry

#4 Re: Off Topic / General Chat » new pc buisness » 2014-10-29 00:51:55

they are actually all the same model except for the net support (used to control pcs by teacher) which is faster
they run Xubuntu well and Ubuntu would work decently to

#5 Re: Off Topic / General Chat » new pc buisness » 2014-10-28 11:33:13

i could send a boot disk with them (ubuntu or mint due to the fact the people im selling to are new to it)

#6 Off Topic / General Chat » new pc buisness » 2014-10-21 20:01:26

Replies: 15

my shop teacher is bringing in pcs the school cant use (there pretty good windows 7 sata x4 p4ht and some sata disks (hdd dvd)0)
ive been activating windows and adding some ram in the shop down time and selling them for 10 bucks to teachers and students ive made over 50 bucks doing barley anything

hell the teacher even says he will give me marks for building them (i modify the chaise so the hdd fits in the fdd cleanly (sawing the plastic cover so the hdd wont push on it)

of course i got one free and i took the best one which was a quad core with 4 gb of ram and i put two 80gb 7200 rpm drives

so i can potentialy sell 200 of them (2000 $ for not being bored at lunch) 

of course im putting cb on mine but windows for the ones i sell.

#7 Off Topic / General Chat » tricks that helped you out » 2014-07-29 13:12:51

Replies: 62

ive lernt from some book or show that if you strip a screw you can drill it with a 9 /64 size bit  ( one size up from the 1/8 bit) about 1/8 deep than hit a #3 (red handled) robinson(square) SCREWDRIVER (a drill type bit would probably strip again) in with a hammer to remove the screw

when working for my dad the screws were rusted and some striped and the trick worked well and removed the screws

if you have tricks like this this would be good

#8 Re: CrunchBang Talk » homade sub $100 server » 2014-07-29 13:01:45

sure that would be cool cscoder
anyway i was inspired to do this when i saw an article that showed a company makeing somewhat more pro versions of this for their server farm

#10 CrunchBang Talk » homade sub $100 server » 2014-06-03 00:34:54

Replies: 9

i made to a sub 100 dollar server setup that fits into a rubber made organizer drawer thing that has good ventilation via hundreds of holes and runs without making a lot of sound
it has 3 hdds
2 are westren digital 80 gb sata drives and one is the same brand but 120 gb ide
it has a graphics card that is ancient that is for setting it up and once ive got scripts made to make it work it could be prety cool
it has the psu attached to the back and it is bolted on (2 intch clearence where the holes are to the psu board so i dont get shoked)
it has a p4 that has hyperthreding and overclocking (asus p800 mabey)
i dont have a picture but when i get it done i think ill host minecraft on it for me and a few friends.

#11 Re: Off Topic / General Chat » How do you get energy to function normally (excluding caffeine) » 2014-04-06 14:01:09

ive heard in popular science about a lightbullb that changes its light output to help

#12 Re: CrunchBang Talk » learning to code » 2014-04-06 13:56:12

school uses Microsoft so ive done in scratch (not my prefrences and not useful for what i want)
than the class took apart computers so i managed to swpie a few windows codes from the ones the bad kids took apart ( motherboard was mangeled) and made a gaming pc from the spare parts
now im learning in microsoft visual basic express 2010 (eww) im hoping we move on to python soon)

#13 Re: Feedback & Suggestions » firefox mobile » 2014-03-05 03:55:43

update fixed the problem
works great

#14 Off Topic / General Chat » dog or cat » 2014-02-28 12:20:38

Replies: 11

ive got a coker spaniel puppy
what pets do you guys have

#16 Re: Help & Support (Crunchbang 11 "Waldorf") » overheating semperon » 2014-02-19 15:29:58

i think it is a somewhat stock laptop but drivers could help thanks

#17 Re: Off Topic / General Chat » GEOS commodore gui » 2014-02-19 15:28:33

im thinking security through obsceurity mabey with the hard ware

#18 Re: Off Topic / General Chat » GEOS commodore gui » 2014-02-18 14:08:38

im thinking of takeing the drive out and puting it in my pentium d desktop so ive got some power but the desktop is a snakes nest of wires and i always get cut working on pcs
i think time and  zipties are in order

#19 Re: Off Topic / General Chat » GEOS commodore gui » 2014-02-18 14:05:08

well ive got both and im trying to put files on a dd flopie to test the drive however i cant find the drive in antix (debian sid repos)
do i need a driver or some program to make the drive show up
(if i dont it may be broken)
i may choose to dualboot windows 98 and linux on it if i cant get it to work because windows should have a bit more support because it is as old as the drive itself
however i did get youtube on antix (well it was 144p and still very choppy)
also dose debian have tape drive support because i found a 1010 port cassette drive with 20 mb sized tapes and figured they would be prety secure because who would have one of those drives

#20 Re: Off Topic / General Chat » GEOS commodore gui » 2014-02-18 01:39:15

mabey but i havent found all the games i had yet
ive got the boxes for sim city and various other games but no friggen disks
so it looks as if im going to have to go in to my aunts attic (its inside the walls in her roof so you need to doo a lot to get at the stuff)
also half the disks dont work
however ive got plenty of 5 1/4 inch blank floppies for a trs 80 / ibm thing

#21 Re: Off Topic / General Chat » bitcoin miner » 2014-02-17 07:14:54

ok than i think ill stick to programing and trying old pcs

#22 Re: Off Topic / General Chat » GEOS commodore gui » 2014-02-17 07:07:02

oops the drive is a 1571
and ive got it and the commodore and all its accesories running

#23 Re: Off Topic / General Chat » GEOS commodore gui » 2014-02-17 06:45:18

also ive got a vic 20 and a commodore 128 already in good condition
heck the vic 20 was in its box
(opened already and used but in great condition

#24 Re: Off Topic / General Chat » GEOS commodore gui » 2014-02-17 06:43:25

ive got 2 1541 drives with me right now
however id rather not screw with them too much because i dont want to permently break them

#25 Off Topic / General Chat » bitcoin miner » 2014-02-14 14:39:24

Replies: 3

I'm interested in making my gaming desktop in to a bitcoin miner
GPU mining
I am not going to install Linux on it but was wondering how to set it up

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